50% decrease in a few months

Not all high-end mobile phones withstand the test of time, and this study proves it. These are the models whose value decreases after a few months.

The high price is one of the features that mainly defines advanced mobiles. It is true that they come on the market at an unaffordable price for many, but it only takes a follow up of a few months to see that the value of some advanced mobiles drops shortly after they go on sale.

This is confirmed by a survey conducted by SellCell, a well-known US mobile phone exchange site. Using internal data, this company has found that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series and Google Pixel 6 Pro are the least resistant to the passage of time. A few months after their launch, they lose up to 50% of their value.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G is one of the advanced models whose price drops the most.

Samsung and Google, the most affected

SellCell used data collected on its own platform to find out which advanced smartphones take the shortest time to lose value. The Galaxy S22 family is the main character in this study as one month in the market was enough to lose 46.8% of its value. This percentage was, of course, maintained after two months, it neither increased nor decreased.

If we focus on this series, we see that the most affected by the decline in value is the Samsung Galaxy S22 + 5G, the mid-range model. Specifically, the 128GB version is down by $ 537.99 over the course of a month, a drop of 53.8% when you consider that its official price is $ 999.99. This percentage belongs to those considered by SuperCell to be “like new” mobiles.

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The drop is even greater for the Samsung Galaxy S22 + 5G in “good” condition, as they drop by around 574.99 euros over the course of a month. In both cases, it should be noted that the decline is the same after two months, which means that Samsung mobiles suffer greatly in value in the beginning but remain stable.

Another smartphone from the company, which also saw its value fall shortly after its release, is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, especially in the 1TB storage version. One month after launch, the depreciation of this terminal reached $ 829.99 in “like new” models, ie. 51.9% of the original price. For those who are “ok”, amounts dropped to $ 879.99.

Another company that is not doing well due to the depreciation on its mobile phones is Google. However, there is a slight difference between its Google Pixel 6 Pro and its Google Pixel 6. The 256 GB version of the Pro loses $ 459 a month after it goes on sale (45.9%) and recovers only two dollars from that value two months later. .

It is advanced mobiles that lose their value the fastest: 50% decrease in a few months

The value of Google Pixel 6 Pro is falling sharply in the foreign exchange markets.

The situation for Google Pixel 6 is more optimistic, especially in the 256 GB model. It loses 42.6% of its value one month after launch, but the decline becomes 39.1% after two months, ie. it regains some of the value. The recovery in value is even more noticeable in models in “good” condition, which recovers about 6%.

While the value of Samsung’s advanced mobiles is stagnating in the foreign exchange market after a few months, Google is showing a positive trend.

The depreciation of the iPhone is much lower than for Samsung and Google mobiles, especially the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

SuperCell data also shows that Apple devices are more durable than the ones we’ve mentioned so far. The big example is the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max, which just drops in value by 6.3% during the first month. But this is not the best, because in the second month it regains part of its value and the depreciation is only 3.8% ($ 42).

At most, Apple mobiles suffer with a depreciation of 30%, and we have already clarified that these are very specific cases. Obviously, if you are planning to resell your mobile or use it for an exchange, it will be more profitable for you to be an iPhone. On the other hand, it is also interesting to discover that if you want to get a top class from Samsung or Google, it is better to wait a month or two after launch.

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