The benefits of BtoB, according to co-founder of WayKonect, Make a business plan

Launching a BtoB activity (ie between professionals) has a few benefits: better identified goals, leverage effect on sales, more comprehensive partnership with suppliers and customers … But to succeed, you need to have an excellent knowledge of professionals’ expectations. Christophe Lossois, one of the four co-founders of WayKonect confirms… Created in June 2015, this company offers optimization and management solutions for car fleets. The start-up received the award for French Digital Tour * 2016. For us, the first reason to work in BtoB is our perfect knowledge of the problems associated with fleet management. The four co-founders have previously been confronted with it as professionals. Personally, I had worked in a delivery company and one of my employees came from a family of carriers. We therefore had to deal with a problem that we had under control. »

In BtoB, a single customer can bring in large profits

First benefit of working in BtoB: the goal. Professionals’ needs are less diluted than in a problem specific to consumers. In BtoC, a product, an offer may not correspond to an already existing need, it may in any case have a less limited functionality than in BtoB. In a way, he has no other standard than the need he himself will create in the consumer. In the case of WayKonect, the proposal is to address a specific business-specific issue. “Our software helps companies make decisions to organize fleets or renew fleets”, explains Christophe Lossois. But the other side of the coin when dealing with professionals, the demand for results is often greater than for a BtoC offer.

Another benefit of BtoB: the importance of volume and leverage. WayKonect works with both SMEs and large corporations. But signing a contract with a single large company makes it possible to concentrate demand. The investment in time and steps can be significant, but sales volume can be worth it. Concentration on a few major customers is a source of savings… remembers the co-founder of WayKonect: “Once you are new, the advantage is that this market requires fewer means of communication to develop than in BtoC”.

The work for and with companies also makes it possible to make close connections, for example development assistance from a customer or greater flexibility from its suppliers. If the proposed solution and the signed contract are long-term, the start-up can also have more time to adapt to the customer’s needs. “For example, a company gave us two months to equip its 2,000 vehicles, says the entrepreneur. Professionals understand the limitations, they can be more patient than an individual. »
Professional clients can also be open to co-constructionas WayKonect experiences. “We developed our solution with 12 customers who agreed to participate in a test phase. We swapped for six months to work on the product and transform it according to field requests. » In return, the startup offered discounts to participating companies. This phase also made it possible to show investors that the WayKonect solution was expected by the market.

Despite its benefits, BtoB requires a demanding approach. And sometimes a good sense of diplomacy, especially when working for a large company. Intra-corporate policy issues should be anticipated. WayKonect, for example, must deal with the suspicion stalking » employees by geolocation. “We face the risks associated with accepting the product. We may face unions that will put the brunt of our project. We intervene to explain, for example, that an option makes it possible to cut off geolocation if the employee uses his company car in a private environment. But as a rule, we manage to get the message across. »

* This award results in a fundraising of 1.5 million euros. This sum will enable the company to develop its R & D and marketing teams, but also to consolidate its product.

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