Succes Succeed at your online business: 5 golden rules

I reveal to you the 5 golden rules for success with your online business that you need to follow step by step. You know, we’re all been through … Hours figuring out what’s wrong with our business. The impression of doing everything we are told: read, train us, apply marketing advice… but nothing helps because your turnover does not pick up speed…

Are you starting your entrepreneurial activity?

web marketing training

Are you struggling to find regular customers?

Do not know where to start?

Do you feel lost in all this online content that is free?

Do you go from one shiny object to another?

Do not know where to communicate? How often? What to say?

Are you not sure about starting with coaching, support over several months, online training?

Is your offer not yet well defined?

And yet you have the impression of having tested everything, of doing everything well … but the results say the opposite.

  • Creating an Instagram account and posting content regularly;
  • The basis of a blog or podcast;
  • Surveys to get to know your audience better;
  • Education or support training in online marketing, communications, copywriting;
  • Lots of books on productivity, content creation and online sales.

But nothing helps … and you see the payroll get closer.

The end of unemployment, which is fast approaching.

The moment when you need to quickly find a plan B.

That’s why the 5 golden rules will help you.

Take your time, do not go to step two until you have completed step one, which is the most important …

Etc. By following these golden rules for a successful online business, you will see your sales pick up speed.

Let’s go ?

Succeed at Online Business

1 / Know your ideal client by heart

This is the longest and most tedious step, but the one that pays off big!

Be careful as you know that your ideal client is not just your “identity card”.

It is to know his pains, his frustrations, his dreams, his desires, the words he uses.

Knowing your ideal customer will allow you to know what content to ask, on what channel you will be the person who is best able to solve their problem. And that’s why he wants to buy your solution.

You need to literally get into your client’s head, find out what their typical day is, what keeps them awake, what they dream about (in secret), what their hopes are, what their ambitions are …

But also what solutions has he already tested? Why did it not work? What more can you bring?

2 / A clear bid for a successful online business

It must respond to a HARD problem too painful, urgent, recognized.

Your offer must be clear to you and your audience.

You need to highlight the biggest benefit, but also know how to remove objections from the title.

I give you an example?

Three months to create, launch and sell online workouts without forgetting anything, even if you start from 0 thanks to my fun and authentic personal support.

In this example, I highlight three main benefits that address a real pain in my ideal client. I also remove the objection from people starting from 0.

sell online

3 / Create regular content with high added value

This allows you to prove your expertise, play on the bias of reciprocity and support your authority, but above all make yourself visible to your ideal customers.

Remember: give before you receive. One of the rules for a successful online business.

Content creation is my workhorse. I swear to this. And it is thanks to my content that I make myself visible, that I build trust and that I sell without prospecting.

To create content, first ask what content your ideal customer consumes, who are their mentors, who do they follow?

To create great content, you need to stand out from the competition while solving their problem.

4 / Retain an audience through the newsletter

The newsletter is the most powerful marketing tool.

She allows that:

  • Connect with your audience (without going through social networks);
  • Sell ​​more with a conversion rate of 4.2% versus 0.3% on Instagram;
  • Free yourself from social networks.

The newsletter is part of a medium-term strategy … At the same time, you do not intend to shut down immediately?

It takes time to build an audience, but it will be your best investment in the medium term.

I put my hand to cut.

5 / Learn about THE solid, sustainable and profitable skill of selling online

A skill that you will not be taught in school, not even in business schools … that of selling …

At this stage you are in the situation where you are not selling, where you are looking for your customers, where you spend your days on investigation, wasting time on discovery calls or express coaching …

But when it’s time to talk about your offer, to highlight the benefits of your program … it fails …

In fact, how can you sell to leads if you are not learning to sell?

Especially since selling online has many benefits, the most important is to sell only through the power of words, hiding behind your texts, your sales page or your newsletter.

The skill you are missing is copywriting.

Use copywriting or the art of persuasion, persuasion and selling!

The power of order and human psychology.

This skill allows you to capture and capture your audience and get them to click your buy button 😉

Your texts will be captivating, you will finally be read, you will manage to gather a community of fans behind you and your offers, you will turn your readers into buyer ambassadors.

On your turn to play, identify which golden rules you are missing. If necessary, take each rule step by step to move on.

You will see results faster than you expected.

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