phones for all mobile gendarmes

A telephone for all gendarmerie personnel, such is the purpose of the strategic deployment maneuver NEO 2. At the end of this, all mobile gendarmes will have a service telephone on which they will have access to the various business applications. ” But beware, not everyone has access to everything. The accesses given depend on the function of the soldier “said Chief Warrant Officer Christophe, Head of the Information and Communication System’s Employment Cell at the Mobile Gendarmerie Group (GGM) in Maisons-Alfort. Within the latter, its staff is responsible for the deployment. A progressive maneuver, depending on the presence and availability of Squadrons.

From the hands of the SIC technician …

In the premises of SOLC in the gendarmerie in Ile-de-France, an entire room is dedicated to NEO 2. ” In total, we will be handing out 5,600 phones: 45% to the Republican Guard, 25% to the Mobile Gendarmerie, 15% to the Air Transport Gendarmerie and 15% to the General Staff. says Major Francis Deputy to the Operational Section for Combating Cyber ​​Threats (SOLC). A colossal task because before you send them, you need to make a general configuration and then assign them to the devices using the certificate manager.

To facilitate the task and facilitate the deployment, the SOLC technicians provided information to them from the GIC SIC Employment Unit in Maisons-Alfort. A special feature because the first phase is usually the use of SOLC. ” We distribute them to the security and support squadron as well as to the group of the mobile gendarmerie. says Chief Warrant Officer Christophe. Therefore, before being placed in the hands of the military, the SICs perform the encryption by injecting the file into the micro SD card, which will be specific to the phone.

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… To those from the mobile police

Once the coding is complete, it’s time to sign up. ” This is the personal configuration phase of NEO2. This is done in the presence of the police officer so that he can choose his patterns and lock codes For the mobile gendarmes, this is the first step. It is therefore important to present the various functionalities that this brand new mobile work tool offers.
The SIC EGM cell installs the main applications: mailbox, gendarmerie’s internal directory or even business applications, such as the National Driver’s License File (FNPC) or the Filed Persons File (FPR). From now on, the mobile gendarmes have a real pocket computer. A real change for these soldiers who do not have permanent positions and are on the move regularly.

Its use, however, requires compliance with a few rules that Chief Warrant Officer Christophe does not fail to remember. “ The battery should not be charged on a computer, either professionally or personally. Then you need to reserve the phone for purely professional use. Finally, the rules for searching cases are the same as those that apply to landlines.s. A little news though: the risk of loss or theft. ” It can happen to anyone. It must be notified immediately. Thanks to ST (SI) ² it is possible to deactivate the phone remotely and thus prevent any use. »

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A great development

With NEO2, the mobile gendarmes will gain independence, especially in their missions for reinforcement to the departmental gendarmerie. When checking persons or vehicles, they will now be able to consult the relevant files on the public motorway themselves.

There is also a strong expectation for the development of communication systems. “ Ultimately, this phone is meant to replace the traditional radio. It is the “radio network of the future”, a radio that will go through the 4G network and strengthen the interoperability between the various security and rescue forces. “, Concludes Chief Warrant Officer Christophe.

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