How to write a good business plan?

How to write a good business plan?Essential communication tool before launching a new project, the business plan is a reference document that will be useful to you in many steps. When you have to argue with partners to convince, it will be the support of your speech.

Financing organizations (banks, business lending organizations), distribution networks or franchisors will only take you seriously with a business plan quite accurately. The goal is thus to make readers want to follow you in your project and go by your side. No room for the approximate, you need to expose your project, your ambitions and the means implemented to achieve it. “The idea came to me after a meeting”, “I will first target this market before I attack it in the medium term” … All these sentences you have to capture them and gather them in a single “book”, your “bible “, and your future partners.

The usefulness of a business plan

If you have a go-getter-temperament and an overwhelming desire to take on, then you are probably wondering what is the point of spending time write a business plan ? Do not have good writing skills? Do you not like to “lie” for hours in front of a computer thinking and writing? However, you will need to go through this important step. Having a synthetic vision of your project, summarized in a business plan, is crucial. If you are at the beginning of your project and you are still wondering about the usefulness of a business plan, do not forget that it will serve you on many occasions:

  • To convince banks and credit institutions: they judge both the content and the form, which testifies to your seriousness and your commitment,
  • Having team synergy: you are alone, but you will no doubt have partners. The business plan is a “contract” to serve as a basis,
  • In order not to ask questions all the time: written in black and white, the goals, projects and ideas are clear. Fundraising, international development … No need to have nightmares, your roadmap is established,
  • To check your work: The business plan allows you to see if what is being done is in line with the forecast. If you do not do what you say, then correct it!

Writing a business plan is a tedious and restrictive step, but one that ultimately brings real security and freedom of thought.

Presentation of a business plan

Please note that this is not a thesis you need to complete! There is no exact rule, but a complete 20-page document will be more relevant than a 200-page block. Like any document that combines “commercial” and “information”, it must be airy and legible. Avoid paragraphs that are too long (max. 10 to 15 lines) and use a “font” that is comfortable to read. Also enrich your business plan with graphics (projections, estimates), tables (buy / sell) and images (rendering of the store of the future, inspirations). that the business plan must be a playful document and captivating for the person receiving it, as well as for you because you will flip through it several dozen or even hundreds of times!

Some people like to combine a text document (Word) with a spreadsheet (Excel). Again, do as you see fit, but one rule should dictate your choice: Keep the reader’s attention. Avoid attachments, too many documents, in short the opportunity to “take your eyes off” the document. A business plan is about persuasion, so try to develop a plot, a strong thread that will capture the reader from start to finish. Here is an example of a “classic” business plan that you can (should) customize.

Building a business plan

The activity you want to develop.
1. Update on the market and observation of shortage.
2. Your product / activity meets this need.
The potential goal is identified and important.
4. The potential turnover is sufficient to aim for profitability.
2. Your profile and your knowledge.
1. What are your business / financial skills.
2. What is your market experience?
Do you know how to run a business?
3. The market and your projects.
List of competitors.
2. Your benefits, what sets you apart.
3. How you want to take market share.

Never lose sight of itA good business plan is a document that evolves over time. Far from being final, on the contrary, it is alive, and will follow you throughout life your business project.

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