Donkey Kong: 10 funny memes

In an interview teaser published by G4TVFormer Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé says he hated it Donkey Kong from an executive point of view. It came as a shock to fans of Nintendo’s beloved monkey whose iconic bongos are introduced in this game.

Although Fils-Aimé may not have been a fan of one of the most important installations of Donkey Kong franchise, it is safe to say that the internet has huge love for the monkey whose namesake is the franchise. Donkey Kong, through his own games as well as appearances in various Nintendo games outside of his franchise, such as. Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros., has become recognizable to old and new players. Outside of gaming, it makes its rounds on the internet through memes, one of the most important ways fans show their appreciation and love.

King rods

Word games always give a good laugh and a good meme. Donkey Kong’s name alone comes close to being ridiculous and gives itself a great variety in meme creation. By playing with different words that can replace “Donkey” or “King”, fans will find various fun combinations that are very meme-worthy.

Stonk’s meme has gained momentum in recent years and has become a fan favorite due to its play on the economy as well as its versatility in memescape. Combining Donkey Kong with the classic stonks meme face gives Memedroid user Yeeter69420 a new reason to laugh out loud during teaching.

Man it hurts to be that hip

The early 2000s TV adaptation Donkey Kong land has produced many meme-perfect screenshot gems. In the episode “Hunka Hunka Burnin ‘Blster”, the monkey Leo Luster sings “man it hurts to be that hip”, while arresting King K. Rool and his henchmen.

This recording has made its rounds on the internet as the perfect tool to describe interrupted people trying to fit in with the times. It is often used to mock companies or old people for small attempts at zoom culture or other recent phenomena, as Reddit user SwAg_LaMp did in the first iteration of the meme.

T-Posing Kong

The T-pose has become an integral part of the zoom humor, and its clumsy shape is the standard for many video game errors, especially in Cyperpunk 2077. The bag is commonly referred to as a way to assert dominance over others because of its enormous and threatening nature.

Donkey Kong’s T-bag character emerged as a result of one of these issues and then took off as a meme format, with YouTuber Master0fHyrule posting a video featuring all of the Super Smash Bros. characters, including Donkey Kong, T-bag due to a WiiU error. Having a meme of a favorite character posing in a T allows meme users to assert their dominance on the internet, especially when winning with a Donkey Kong character or avatar.

Cranky Kong memes? Never heard of them

Grandfather and mentor of Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong is a significant figure within Donkey Kong franchise. Although he often complains, as his name suggests, he can be a very useful character in gameplay and often enjoys breaking the fourth wall in games.

Nintendo of America took notes on its broken fourth wall and used Cranky Kong for a meme-based ad on Twitter in 2014. The memet, which ironically does not know what memes are, was a fun and clever way Nintendo promoted the brand.

That was not part of my plan

A number of meme formats “It was not part of my plan” have been around the internet. They allow meme users to enjoy the fun of plans that have gone wrong. The famous shocked Pikachu meme, along with the four-panel Gru meme, is probably the most recognizable of the herd.

However, Donkey Kong has its own form, which is just as fun as the aforementioned two. Displays a screenshot of Donkey Kong landthe shocked monkey face gives the perfect reaction when things do not go as planned, like this unfortunate incident with air in the stomach from the imgflip user, Nategood1.

Donkey Kong vs. King K. Rool

In some ways, life mimics art. While this can happen in all sorts of ways, one of the best ways it can happen is when that imitation constitutes the perfect meme that this perceived battle between a gorilla and a crocodile.

Within Donkey Kong franchise, his nemesis is well known for being the evil crocodile, King K. Rool. This meme from memedroid user Oozername brings their epic rivalry away from the screen and out into the wild while a true Donkey Kong takes on King K. Rool live.

Dankey Kang

The game show Danger! produced many funny clips and silly answers to questions that seem obvious to those who are fans of the subject. Sometimes the funniest did not happen at all, but the thought of it happening is always comical.

In 2014, the designer Mike Rosenthal tweeted a picture of one Danger! candidate answering a question about Sonic the Hedgehog with the answer “Dankey Kang”. This alleged blunder later turned out to be wrong, but that did not stop it from going viral and spinning its stomach on the internet.

I do not want to disepoint you!

Any crossing of Spongebob Squarepants and Donkey Kong will definitely make a great meme. This one especially uses a funny moment scene from the absurd nautical show where SpongeBob takes his support for Mr. Crabs to new heights, literally, and sets one Super Smash Bros. twist on it.

Originally posted on, “I Will Not Let You Down” highlights Donkey Kong’s ability to Super Smash Bros. to pick up other players, enemies and allies. Specifically, this iteration uses Samus as the shattering teammate that Donkey Kong promised to fight hard with and repeated to emphasize that promise.

Driving in a luxury car

Donkey Kong drives a Mercedes-Benz – a fun and gripping sight. This DK meme with its new hot rod is from the Mercedes-Benz DLC package that was released for Mario Kart 8 back in 2014. The update lets you, among other things, take your favorite Mario characters and race them in Mercedes-Benz cars.

The name of the meme often accompanies the text and is taken from an episode of Donkey Kong land TV shows. In the scene, Donkey Kong sings about being a star and “driving around in a fancy car”. The Tumblr user’s 54,000 comments do the same, explaining how the DLC allowed Donkey Kong to live out his dream of driving a luxury car.

Beautiful bananas

The fact that monkeys love bananas is well understood by the average person. He has appeared in various films, TV shows and games, among others Donkey Kong. Bananas are also well known to lovers of Donkey Kong franchise as the sweet fruit appears in many games.

While Donkey Kong’s love for bananas is well documented, this meme takes it to another level and shows how much one should be wary of things they enjoy. In this low-fi meme, shared by YouTuber D’Andre Lightyear, the beloved monkey can be seen loving his plate of bananas, only to turn around and scream while being run over by a falling GameBoy.

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