Brest metropolis: events for the inauguration of Bodonou nature reserve

Bodonous natural space.
Bodonous natural space. © Brest metropolis.

Bounding the municipalities of Guilers, Plouzane and BrestI’Bodonou Nature Reserve (127 acres) will be inaugurated on the weekend of May 14 and 15, 2022. With a varied entertainment program open to all on Sunday, May 15, to discover the place.

From Saturday the 14th, a family night hike will be arranged Between dog and wolf, with Erwan Hemeury, from La Compagnie Choukibenn (sold out).

Nature entertainment

On Sunday, May 15, about twenty local actors will gather all afternoon to welcome visitor (Free access).

On the program, boderfrom exhibitionsbut also nature entertainment : walks, nature exploration, demonstrations of animal features, cows of local hardy breeds and Landes de Bretagne sheep, plantations with shrubs, demonstrations and introduction to wicker weaving.

Bodonous natural space.
Bodonous natural space. © Damien Goret – Brest metropolis.

The whole family can enjoy the wooden games, the giant goose game, the nature quiz, family walks and a puppet show.
To discover the place in an original way, horse-drawn carriage rides will also be offered.

Hiking and biking

Demonstrations and introductions to Nordic walkfrom hiking families, a guided hike of 10 to 12 km as well as cystic hikes (treasure hunt-type trails) complete the program.

Bodonous natural space.
Bodonous natural space. © Brest metropolis.

Two hikes will depart from Guilers (2pm and 3pm) to reach Bodonou.

Videos: currently on Actu

Two routes are offered by Bapav (Brest on foot and by bike) to reach the place by bike from Brest (Brest business school and Valy-Hir tram station), two bike-mountain bike routes from Plouzané (6.5 or 12.5 km) and two mountain bikes -VTC departures from Guilers.

Bodonous natural space?

So what is the natural space in Bodonou? ONE former industrial site whose ecological conversion has been carried out by the Brest Métropole for 25 years.

127 hectares of unique natural environments, where atypical atmospheres and landscapes rub against, 40 hectares of water areas and ponds, 40 hectares of wet meadows, 40 hectares of forests and scrub, 11 km of waterways, 284 animal species identified to date, 380 plants, species, 8 km of trails (walking /wander).

Bodonous natural space.
Bodonous natural space. © Brest metropolis.

Brest Métropole has invested more than 350,000 euros over the last five years to secure the belvedere, a major operation to deal with invasive plants, restore natural environments, repair paths, fences and furniture, and so on.

Two agents from the metropolis are also dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the site on a daily basis.

Some sectors are permanently accessible to the public (the northern sector, the western and southern outskirts of 2022, then an eastern outskirts of 2024), others, such as the heart of the place, are not. Occasional and supervised visits will nevertheless make it possible to discover this whole space on the occasion of event days (nature festival, biodiversity information days for school children and the public, etc.).

The open northern zone allows for direct contact with nature (pools, ponds, bocage, meadows, wetlands, forests, waterways, etc.), facilities have been made for this purpose (hiking, picnic tables, picnics, sunbathing, benches, etc.) . The western and southern outskirts make it possible to expand the discovery of the natural environments present in this space (gentle paths, landscape perspectives, etc.).

Bodonous natural space.
Bodonous natural space. © Damien Goret – Brest metropolis

In 2024, a hiking trail will open to the east, and the facilities will facilitate the discovery of the place: decks in wetlands, footbridges over waterways, lookout towers …

Sunday, May 15, 2022 from kl. 13.30 to 18.30 in the nature reserve Bodonou. Car parking will be in the parking lot next to the Bodonou Chapel. Seats for the disabled will be reserved at the northern entrance to the square (Guilers municipality). Bicycles will be parked at the northern entrance to the square (possibility of cycling on the square with respect for pedestrians). A snack with Envie de crêpes will be offered throughout the afternoon. The space will be equipped with dry toilets and a water point (give your water bottle or cup). Free access

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