2022-05-13 On exports to Russia (partial change)

Below is the content of a press release from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It contains some details about the restrictions on exports of high-tech products to Russia.

Text of the press release

May 13, 2022

Joint announcement: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance

International economy

[Complément partiel au communiqué de presse du 13 mai 2022]

Added details about goods with restrictions on the ban on exports of advanced products (etc.) to Russia.

Given the current international situation regarding Ukraine, and in order to contribute to the international effort for world peace, Japan issues and implements a government order of 13 May 2022 (Tuesday) to partially amend the order on control of export trade to Russia. This decree aims to implement a ban on exports to Russia, based on the measures that the main countries have decided to take.

1. Content of the measures

In view of the current international situation regarding Ukraine and in order to contribute to international efforts to solve this problem, the Cabinet of Ministers received on 10 May 2022 permission to impose a ban on the export of high-tech products (computer quantum equipment, 3D printers, etc.) to Russia under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (Act No. 228 of 1949, hereinafter referred to as the “Foreign Exchange Act”). Therefore, it has today approved the partial revision of the Export Control Executive Order (Executive Order no. 378 of 1949). The relevant measures will enter into force on 20 May.

At the same time, by amending the relevant ministerial executive orders today, the government defines which specific loads are to be regulated and whose operational aspects are to be improved. In addition, service transactions in connection with the aforementioned export ban are also subject to regulation through an amendment to the notification from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Technology and Industry in accordance with section 18 (1) of the Currency Ordinance. (Entered into force and entered into force on the same date as the partial amendment of the Export Control Decree).

2. Overview of changes in the decree

Affected products

  • Catalysts for oil refining
  • Quantum computers and other devices that use quantum properties, as well as their accessories and parts / peripherals.
  • Electron microscopes, nuclear microscopes and other microscopes and apparatus designed for use with these microscopes
  • Casting equipment (3D printers) and powdered metals and metal alloys used for this purpose.
  • Equipment for the production of organic light emitting diodes, organic field effect transistors and organic solar cells.
  • Equipment for the manufacture of micro-electromechanical systems
  • Hydrogen (limited to that produced from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources), which serves as fuel material and equipment for the manufacture of solar cell batteries with high conversion efficiency
  • Vacuum pumps and vacuum meters (related to quantum technology)
  • Cooling systems and auxiliary equipment designed for cryogenic temperatures and their spare parts / peripherals (related to quantum technology).
  • Equipment for removing covers and encapsulation materials from integrated circuits.
  • Photodetectors with high quantum efficiency (related to quantum technology).
  • Machine tools and parts thereof and numerical control devices for machine tools
  • Materials that increase the jamming functions of detectors of electromagnetic waves (metamaterials), alloys composed of several elements in approximately equal proportions (high entropy alloys) and other advanced materials (including some related to quantum technology)
  • Conductive polymers, semiconducting polymers and polymers with (electric) field emission properties.

Upcoming schedule

  • Friday, May 13, 2022: Publication
  • Friday, May 20, 2022: Entry into force

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