Why has the matchmaking industry exploded?

Matchmaking has become a lucrative and trendy business for many startups. It is hugely successful because it can be applied to all sectors.

Matchmaking has become a lucrative and trendy business for many startups. It is hugely successful because it can be applied to all sectors.

Connection takes many forms. This can be the professional area via an online platform for example, or the private area such as one-on-one meetings.

Offer useful services

Currently, users benefit from the innovative connectivity concepts that are flourishing on a daily basis. Not all concepts are necessarily successful, as it is obvious that internet users are primarily looking for useful services to make their daily lives easier.

Thus, it is now possible to find a phone repair shop online in minutes. Specialized marketplaces offer to put you in touch with artisans in your geographic area for any kind of work that needs to be done.

Responds to market problems

Linking platforms such as Demenageur.com or Find a Craftsman effectively meet the expectations of individuals, namely where to find a service provider. Customers no longer have to spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for a supplier. On the platforms, they have the ability to filter the results to get only the service providers located near them.

On the other hand, companies offering their service in these marketplaces provide a simple yet effective solution to their perpetual problem of customer prospecting. On a network platform, service providers benefit from good visibility.

The use of platform social responsibility

The reliability of the platform is a significant guarantee for Internet users. This is why open access marketplaces (without access filters) may eventually disappear in favor of the platforms responsible for their ads. Even the dating industry is being hit hard by this trend. To prevent members from wasting their time with junk profiles, some platforms like Meetic now require their participants to respect certain conditions.

The plumbing profession has suffered a lot under this free admission model. Unreliable service providers have started cheating individuals through the platforms. Nearly 2,500 complaints a year are filed in France for fraud with plumbing repairs. Thus, to restore trust between plumbers and customers, platforms like Gomario have begun to select their members, establish quality charters, or practice price transparency.

Improved customer experience

If this business explodes, it’s largely thanks to the use of new custom technologies. But it is also necessary to include the efforts for online loyalty, the moderation of the moderators and the animation.

A good marketplace will need to include all of these elements in its marketing strategy to be sure of meeting success. These various elements in one way or another help to enhance the experience of the internet users.

The advent of mobile technology makes it possible to make platforms available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as they can connect from anywhere in the world and anytime from their mobile or tablet. With Homly You, partner craftsmen can directly send a description of the project via SMS or e-mail.

Legal protection of customers

To date, users of matchmaking platforms have no option to make use of electronic transactions. Protecting personal data from misuse also remains a major project.

In fact, the client can sue in the event of a dispute with a supplier, especially when it comes to the quality of the work performed. Therefore, it is important to have a rigorous selection at the entrance to the platforms, which, for example, must ensure that the service providers are provided with a professional liability insurance.

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