The cat shop. Raising a cat with a prestigious pedigree or spawning cat from a shelter?

SURVEY (5/5). In ten years, the budget for cats has exploded. Accessories, food, health and comfort … There is something for everyone, for every taste and for every wallet. Fifth and final episode: adoption from a professional breeder like Angélique Decayeux Ronnat in Déville-lès-Rouen or from a shelter like SNPA in Rouen.

This is not about opposing breeders and shelters, but about addressing the benefits of each and especially the obligations that an adoption entails. Valérie Deve, coordinator of the Norman Society for the Protection of Animals (SNPA) in Rouen and Angélique Decayeux-Ronnat, head of the Yakoon Thaï breeding in Déville-lès-Rouen, specializing in Norwegian cats, give their views.

Our video report on the refuge Déville-lès-Rouen

Why is the cat so attractive?

Valérie Deve: “Maybe it’s due to the absence of restrictions such as daily excursions for walks and the needs of the dog? The fact that people can go on a weekend or holiday and leave the cats alone with someone coming to maintain the litter box and food But we must not forget that a cat, even a very sleepy one, needs interaction with its master, play sessions and contacts. “

Cover health-related costs

Angélique Decayeux-Ronnat: “Personally, I think the cat seduces by its presence. A cat is, regardless of origin, graceful and soothing. The cat is an emotional fungus. In addition, it is easy in daily life, no need to take it out several times a day e.g. The stereotype of the independent and lonely cat is gone, people now realize that a cat is as close as a dog. »

Why contact you to adopt a cat?

Valérie Deve: “The cats that were offered for adoption by SNPA were all given veterinary treatment as soon as they arrived. If pathologies are detected, they are treated. An operation can be done if necessary. By adopting a cat from a shelter, you are taking a responsible action while knowing that a cat can grow old and get diseases that show up with age, so it will be necessary to be able to insure these costs related to the animal’s health and sometimes special food. “

Angélique Decayeux-Ronnat: “Breeding like mine is important in my opinion. He appreciates the character of the family, the cats live with us. We consider them full members of our family. We keep our retired cats and families very happy about it: it allows them to see several generations in the same house. Dad, Grandma, Grandpa … Our current elder has just celebrated his 12th birthday. Passion is our leitmotif! No matter where passion rhymes with commitment, we have training tasks, regular veterinary follow-ups, responsibility to e.g. treasure. »

Be aware of responsibility

What budget should I plan for?

Valérie Deve: “We ask for a participation of 220 € for an adult including vaccination identification, sterilization or castration and 250 € for a kitten including the same points as for an adult, even if the sterilization / castration is not performed considering the age. But is issued a voucher to perform the operation at the required age at our clinic.Afterwards, there are so-called SOS cats … seniors with pathologies, and for whom we sometimes seek a foster or adoption family in return for a small or free donation.

Angélique Decayeux-Ronnat: “A Norwegian kitten costs between 1,000 and 1,500 euros, depending on the region, with an average of 1,250 euros. Attention, we do not justify a high price with the rarity of a color. There is no rare color in the Norwegian. A price is partly justified in the regular tests performed by the breeders, the genetic tests, the FIV-FELV health tests, an attentive follow-up from its breeder. Zero risk does not exist in the breeding of live animals, our best ally is the veterinarian. He is also our partner for the well-being and monitoring of our cats. Cats are registered in the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins), as are kittens who also want a pedigree. Adopting also means that I realize that there is a budget to plan, moreover, when I book one of my kittens, I send a sheet with the budget to plan a year on food, veterinary care, pest control products, insurance and equipment . Being aware of responsibilities is crucial before you decide. »

Strict obligations

By adopting or buying a cat, there are administrative obligations to respect. Valérie Deve, from SNPA, recalls that “The cat leaving the shelter is up to date with the administrative obligations, namely identification and sterilization / castration; vaccines as well. We make sure to update the ID when he leaves”. The owner of the adopted cat must then take over, regarding the vaccines.

Angélique Decayeux Ronnat from the Yakoon Thaï Cattery explains that the breeder must provide the proof of sale and warranty, including the number of the kitten’s microchip and the number of the pedigree’s application file for the kitten. He also provides a passport or notebook with the vaccines signed by the vet, a health certificate from the vet, the flap on the ID card, the kitten’s welcome booklet, an explanatory sheet on care, feed and additional breed information. There will also be an estimate of the animal’s average annual maintenance costs excluding health costs.

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