Low autonomy on the smartphone? New battery or laptop?

Smartphone battery life has been improved, though it still cannot be compared to the battery life that many mobile phones would offer. Ideally, a smartphone can at least guarantee an operating day, but not everyone can, especially when there is already some wear and tear!

With autonomy below what is normal, then should we choose a new battery or Power Bank?

Your smartphone battery has a maximum number of charge cycles

The battery is a very important element in the life of our mobile phones and smartphones. It is thanks to them that the equipment is efficiently mobile and that we can use it anywhere without being constantly connected to the electric current.

However, batteries are consumable components, that is, they lose their original performance over time. Each battery has a maximum number of charge cycles. At the end of these cycles, the battery will lose its autonomy and the need to recharge the mobile phone will increase.

Fortunately, most operating systems are currently informing us about the condition of the battery, in what is commonly referred to as “battery status”. It is in this section that we can assess the health of this component.

The answer to choosing between a new battery or a portable battery is based on the condition of the battery. If this is above 80% and we are looking for more autonomy during the day, you should choose a portable battery. If the maximum battery level is below 80%, the solution is to replace it with a new battery.

Low autonomy on the smartphone?  New battery or powerbank?

When it comes to battery replacement, it is important that you go to a store that guarantees quality work. With iServices, you can easily replace your battery, regardless of brand, from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, among others.

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