“Klutch Academy”, the series that follows Rich Paul and his prospects

The roses are red, the violets are blue, there is a new series about the orange ball and that is good. Klutch Academy is a docu-series available on the BET channel (in most TV packages), and whose idea is to demystify Rich Paul’s impenetrable business by showing us behind the scenes of part of the NBA’s business. We knew the agent of the most influential player in the United States (Klutch Sports, LeBron James), less the worker with a wise – sometimes philosophical – relationship to his prospects.

Available every Monday in May at 20.45 on the BET channel. Rebroadcasts from Monday, May 30th.

“When Duke was not doing well, did you smoke marijuana? ». Bobby Marks, who sits in front of Jalen Johnson – one of the prospects for the Klutch Sports agency – does not fear indiscretion. Former Nets assistant GM today simulates player interviews with NBA franchise representatives. At Rich Paul’s request, he came to ask questions and try to put these young adults in trouble. It’s a workout. On the sidelines of the 2021 Draft, Moses Moody, Brandon Boston Jr., Kai Jones, Jalen Johnson and Scottie Lewis share two points in common: they know how to put the orange thing in the big hanger, but still skate after paperwork. By “paperwork”, we mean anything that has nothing to do with basketball, but whose significance – seen from a candidacy to the draft – is not insignificant. This is where Rich Paul and his team come in. They have a year to put theirs “customers” under the best conditions to reach the higher level. Communication, logistics and personnel, it is this content work that the series highlights Klutch Academy, which dissects the organization of the agency, made attractive by the daily monitoring of prospects until the evening of the draft. A gripping formula. We do not want to lose sight of these young people who are sacrificing a lot to achieve their dream. This story might have looked like a thousand others, but the Rich Paul angle is innovative. It illuminates a hitherto foggy area for the general public. Of course, we do not participate in much business discussions – not to mention smuggling, banned or secret – but the human adventure is enough. The dialogues are deep, more spiritual than a simple one: “You can do what you have to believe in yourself! ». So far, it has been a great success.

To date three episodes of Klutch Academy was broadcast on the BET channel. Section 1, “Love the beautiful game”is sadly marked by the death of Terrence Clarke. At the age of 19, this 2m01 butt was one of the Klutch Sports agency’s great hopes. He and Brandon Boston Jr. – teammates in Kentucky – shared a brotherly relationship. On April 23, 2021, when he returned from training, a car accident was fatal for him. In response to Terrence Clarke’s disappearance, Rich Paul uses a paternalistic attitude toward his prospects. This is one of the interesting points in the series. This affective side of the profession as a player agent is inseparable from the label “house business”. Klutch Sports’ turnover is exorbitant, but internally the turnover is not a factory turnover. For Rich Paul, there is no point in signing thirty prospects per year. year. Personal follow-up would then become impossible. He may well sell this human side as the specialty of the Klutch house, but we understand that the profession of agent requires total involvement in his client’s life. None of a player’s questions, regardless of their agency, should remain unanswered. A draft election requires a free spirit, peaceful, confident in its strengths. A lot of work on yourself that we would like to follow every Monday.

With the influx of series related to basketball, this kind of parenthesis at the machined angle that stands out is a pleasure. The first two sections set the bar high. With the tension building up as the draft approaches, there is – immediately – no reason for it to run out of steam.

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