his competition to win his car for 1 euro is creating controversy

Nehuda plans to leave France and has no intentions of weighing down his suitcases. So she decided to get rid of her car, which she won in a competition in the form of a kitten.

Nehuda is full of plans. After a pregnancy that caused her some complications, Ricardo Pinto’s companion gave birth to her second child. It is a little boy, named Laël Ricardo, who was born on April 21 and thus comes to expand the family. The mother announced the good news Snapchatbefore sharing snaps of the newborn.

Ricardo and Nehuda, who are already parents to a little Laïa, have been living in a passionate but tumultuous relationship for several years. The couple separated several times, sometimes with losses and breakdowns. But even though they were officially separated, they were the ones who found each other during the filming of Angels 8 have difficulty staying away from each other. The young parents even posed together during the photoshoot to mark the birth of their son.

Our family is on a small cloud.

Even the singer subtitles.

Ricardo Pinto and Nehuda
Ricardo Pinto and Nehuda @ Instagram

A new life somewhere else?

If Nehuda has chosen not to confide in public to her privacy, it seems she has forgiven the father of her children. Besides, the terrible lovers have decided to leave France to settle abroad. An experience they had already tried in 2016 when they wanted to live out their American dream in Miami. Nehuda wanted to start his musical career in Uncle Sam’s country and had recorded several titles there. However, nothing went as planned and the couple were quick to return to France.

But this failure has apparently not cooled the dwarf parrots. This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Nehuda made it known on social media thatshe planned her move and would not take anything with her. It is also generous she offered her subscribers to attend a competition to win your cara Mercedes A-Class of 2018.

To get the chance to be drawn, each participant must have only donated 1 symbolic euro for a kitten Leetchi submitted by the singer. On June 12, Nehuda reveals the name of the person who will have to win his vehicle and must be available to “be able to pick up the car in the south of France”.

Nehuda @ Instagram

Questionable terms?

Shortly after Nehuda’s story, many internet users noticed a few details that question the altruism of the young mother who wants to “benefit people”. Depending on the number of participants, Nehuda could actually collect a colossal summuch higher than the current value of his car.

Which makes many people wonder if the choice to use a kitty is far from trivial, especially for a competition. Especially since no legal mention is clearly mentioned.

As of this writing, Nehuda’s fundraiser has been closed and is no longer available on the site. Leetchi.

Nehuda said she still intends to complete her project and will launch this competition on another platform.

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