Albert School, a business and data-focused school opens in Paris

Through its program, Albert School delivers a Bac +3 Bac +5 level diploma that certifies dual technical and business competence applied to computer science. The school, supported by Xavier Niel, Pierre-douard Strin and the Arnault family, will open its doors in Paris at the start of the academic year 2022. It will soon be deployed in the regions before developing in Europe and then in Asia.

While computer science has become a competitive advantage and a real challenge for companies, they are struggling to find specialized profiles in this field. The opening at the start of the next school year of Albert School, a business school focused on data, aims to respond to the lack of talent that threatens companies in the exploitation of their data. Created by Grégoire Genest, founder of Neos, a start-up publisher of a scan and go payment service and former student at the École Polytechnique, this post-baccalaureate education implements a hybrid pedagogy to train the future generation of entrepreneurs in computer science. “The data-driven culture has become crucial in guiding companies’ right decisions and enabling them to manage their operational performance,” the manager believes. For him, the lack of qualified professionals can help slow down their competitiveness. “Hence the idea of ​​a business course that is resolutely centered around data so that our students become aware of the competitive advantage that comes from their exploitation,” he explained.

The course is predominantly English-speaking and will continuously confront students with specific business issues. To support the students, the school has recruited a team of professors from recognized institutions (X, HEC, ENS, Stanford). The project is also dependent on the many partnerships entered into both with IT startups (PayFit, Ynsect, Big Mamma, etc.) and with large groups (LVMH, IBM, Foncia, etc.), which strive for the emergence of and “computer literate”. It counts among its main investors the co-founder of Iliad / Free Xavier Niel as well as Pierre-Édouard Stérin, at the helm of Lafourchette and Smartbox boxes, along with the Arnault family. While the selections are underway, a first class of 60 hand-picked students will participate in this course at the beginning of the academic year 2022 with the choice of a 3- or 5-year bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Motivation and English requirements

On the menu, an intensive course (ie 900 hours of bachelor’s lessons) dedicated to learning trade, finance, marketing, strategy. All this supplemented with teaching mathematics and data processing as well as computer coding. The master cycle in turn leads to several specialties: entrepreneurship, blockchain and web3, finance and IA, marketing and IA. Internships are also offered as support with a job offer from the education’s partner companies. The school will install its first campus of more than 2500 m² in the heart of Paris, rue de Paradis (Xe). The goal is to educate 160 students a year. The entire admissions process takes place online in three phases, namely a cognitive test, examination of the academic record and then an interview to validate the candidates’ motivation and English level. Applicants must have a solid level of math.

Tuition fees will be comparable to those at a traditional business school, with options for financial aid. “We offer loan schemes that can be repaid by students as soon as they enter the job market,” Grégoire Genest told us. Barely installed, the Albert School already shows ambitions to open up in the region before embarking on the international “After Paris, we plan to open a campus in Aix-en-Provence and then export our program in Europe, in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland “, aims the chairman and founder of the establishment. Then it is the turn of other foreign markets, with Asia soon in sight with installations in Singapore and China.

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