Yoric Tièche at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat: luxury in simplicity

Located at the tip of Cap Ferrat, the 5-star palace stretches over more than seven acres. It is in these idyllic surroundings, enhanced by a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, that chef Yoric Tièche shares his talent. For five years now, he has run the restaurants’ kitchens The hood, The porch and Dolphin Club of Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat.
But before Yoric Tièche made a name for himself in French gastronomy, he took his first steps at the back of a bakery. When he was younger, the chef from Aix-en-Provence spent most of his holidays with his grandparents, in Saint-Jean-du-Gard, in the Cevennes, with the city baker. “He was a very charismatic person. He went out in the morning with his baguettes and his hot croissants. He was quite important in the village.”, he remembers. The teenager feels a certain admiration for this man and his work. To the point of wanting to spend time with him behind the stove. Neither one nor two, he finds his hands in the dough, learns to shape bread, croissants and other cakes. And it is from this moment that the love of cooking awakens in him. “I started like that, and one led to the other, I ended up at the hotel school in Marseille.”

A lot of simplicity

Diploma in hand, his professional adventure began with a first job with Jean-Marc Banzo, in Clos of the violin in Aix-en-Provence, as a clerk. After traveling to Egypt, Reunion, Dublin, he puts his luggage on Negrescoin Nice, in 2002. And it was to Baie des Anges that he “discover the environment and the universe in a palace”.
Two years later he left the South for the capital. In the kitchens of the star restaurant Taillevent, chef Alain Solivérès introduces him to a cuisine that is both classic and bourgeois. In 2005, still in Paris, he joined Meurice and remained there for eight years. Yoric Tièche returned to the Mediterranean coast in 2013 when he became head chef at the hotel beautiful coasts and Juana in Antibes. “In May 2017, I changed course”, he slips peeling the peas into one of his recipes. Direction of Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat where he has since then constantly renewed and adapted the menus according to the seasons.
If Yoric Tièche was a rather discreet and reserved child, today he manages to impose himself on his function and position. “I have become more confident in what I do. In my temperament, my character.” But despite his position as head chef, the forty-year-old also likes to go back to basics, to the basics … Just like peas peeling his employees. “It’s my everyday life. It’s the chef’s hand. I need to touch the material. When I arrive at 1pm, they leave the vegetables on the corner of the stove so I can take care of it. I love it. Today “I almost go back to working as a worker, as a clerk. While young people prefer to cook meat and fish, touch lobster, make more complicated recipes”he remarks cheerfully.
Behind the luxury of the castle hides great simplicity. A lot of modesty and an unpretentious kitchen.

A restaurant, an identity

The hood, The porchthat Dolphin Club… The star chef strives to offer a different unit and cuisine in each hotel restaurant. “Depending on when we eat lunch, where we eat dinner, where we eat breakfast … We need to have a wonderful diversity.”
So Dolphin Club by the sea is adorned with a generous cuisine, with a North African and Mediterranean influence. To The porch, the atmosphere is calmer. We are looking for freshness, lots of vegetables, flagship dishes to give customers reference points. On the side of the star restaurant The hood, the atmosphere is more chic. The customer lives the gastronomic experience, with French cuisine in a broad sense …
And when Yoric Tièche is not behind the stove or in the kitchen garden? The father of the family is trying “reserve as much time as possible for [ses] children and [sa] Women. We try to travel, to cultivate ourselves, to make sense of our lives “.

Four pillars in his kitchen

Grilled white asparagus in thyme angele, suckling lamb from Vésubie, young “Riviera” vegetables, mussel and spinach travioli, raw tuna iodized with caviar … Yoric Tièche dishes are an ode to Provencal and maritime cuisine. “I want it very seasonal. A cuisine in harmony with our locality and our destination, that’s important.” Its culinary identity is based on four pillars. The marine column, with seafood, bottarga, seaweed … The vegetable column, with all the early vegetables, depending on the season. “Right now it’s asparagus, peas from the kitchen garden …” The third pillar is based on Nice’s terroir: olives, a piece of parmesan, a pistou, a citrus fruit … Finally, the fourth transcription of a kitchen from Nice, has been updated. “I am inspired by everything that has been done in the region.”

From now on, the chef has his kitchen garden

In the dishes of Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, guests can taste vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs grown in the hotel’s kitchen garden. For Yoric Tièche, it’s important to discover the taste of freshly picked local produce. Located on a hill above the Mediterranean, about ten minutes by car from the castle, the kitchen garden “is a bit of a successor to Grand Hotel, laughs the chef. An incredible place, quiet, surrounded by vegetation, with breathtaking sea views.
The idea for a kitchen garden made Yoric Tièche come to mind in 2020, a beautiful morning of imprisonment while locked up at home. The project comes to life thanks to the work of the chef and his team. “The first year we redone the walls and the earthworks, we cleaned brushes, set up huts and a greenhouse, we took care of the irrigation, he remembers. This year we had to prune the olive trees, make the wooden containers for the demarcation, plant the fruit trees …”
Peas, broad beans, salads, strawberries, borage flowers, leeks, tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines … grow thanks to the expert hands of gardener Bastien. The latter is in regular contact with local farmers and collaborates with the House of Peasant Seeds of the Alpes-Maritimes. A collective management of biodiversity, working to protect and preserve the heritage of farmers’ seeds on the Côte d’Azur.
The project is also committed to a sustainable development approach. Organic waste from restaurant kitchens is composted and converted into manure.
In the kitchen garden, the harvest takes place from April to October. “We never become self-sufficient, that’s not the goal. On the other hand, there are good stories to tell. It’s a place to share. The chefs like to come here to have a picnic and spend time together.”, says the chef. Customers can also go to the kitchen garden for lunch on site, have an aperitif … A taste experience as close to nature as possible.

Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. 71, boulevard du General de Gaulle, in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.
The hood : Grand Bleu menu in four waves 158 euros, Experience menu in six waves 188 euros.
Such. www.fourseasons.com/capferrat

Chef’s recipe: tartlets with mint peas

Ingredients for 10 pcs
– 500 g flour
– 200 g of white wine
– 150 g spinach chlorophyll (or mixed spinach)
– 300 g fresh peas
– 1/4 of a bunch of mint
– 1 piece of candied lemon

Mix chlorophyll and white wine. Then mix this preparation with the flour until you get a homogeneous paste. Roll out the dough (approx. 1.5 mm thick). Cut the dough to the width of your mold. Bake at 170 ° C for 7 minutes.

Pea puree
Blanch the peas in a saucepan of salted water for one minute (keep three tablespoons of boiling water). Drain them and then cool them in water with ice cubes. Mix 200 g of boiled peas with the boiling water and a few mint leaves. Store in a spray bag.

Candied lemon
Cut the peel of the candied lemon into a fine brunoise and mix the peel and flesh of the candied lemon into a puree.

Garnish the tartlets with mashed peas and add a few cooked peas, seasoned in advance with olive oil, fleur de sel, chopped mint and candied lemon brownie. Add a few dots of candied lemon puree.

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