Why get rid of this disgusting bad habit?

Let it be said: we all have the bad habit of going to the toilet with our cell phone! But few people know the negative impact that this use can have on our health. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons to discourage smartphone addicts from using it anywhere and all the time.

Why should you not go to the toilet with your mobile phone anymore?

use your phone on the toilet islam go to the toilet with your mobile phone

On the sidelines of our addiction to smartphones, the list of dangers and security risks is growing. In a recent British study, experts warn about the bad habit of going to the toilet with his mobile phone. In addition to the issue of hygiene, this practice can have a negative impact on health. So after revealing to you why you should avoid having your phone in your pocket, here are some good reasons not to take it to the most intimate places in your home.

It is unhygienic to use your phone on the toilet

use your phone before bed, go to the toilet with your mobile phone

Some people can not differentiate themselves from their phone so much that it has almost become the continuity of the hand. This unit accompanies us everywhere, from morning to evening, from the office to the house. Some even carry it into the most intimate corners of the house, such as the toilet, the bathroom and the bedroom. And truth be told, there is nothing like surfing your smartphone in the bathroom.

use your phone at work in the bathroom with your cell phone

However, it is a very bad habit to forget to wander the net while sitting on the throne. Firstly because it is unhygienic. This widespread practice among smartphone addicts naturally leads to bacterial contamination. In 2011, a UK study highlighted the presence of traces of feces on a wide range of devices. But in addition to the hygienic aspect, going to the toilet with your mobile phone can have other harmful and unexpected consequences for general health.

Going to the toilet with your cell phone can cause pelvic pain

why avoid going to the toilet with the cell phone on the toilet

Pressing your smartphone while sitting on the toilet can cause organ growth in women. This gynecological disease is similar to the breakdown of one of the pelvic organs such as the intestines, bladder and uterus. The pelvic floor is supposed to maintain them, but certain factors, such as difficult births, chronic constipation, menopause or even certain bad daily habits, can cause a loss of tone in the groin. Fortunately, there are solutions to consider to avoid prolapse, one of which is the topic of the current article: avoid spending a lot of time on the toilet with your cell phone.

Using your phone in the bath limits thinking ability

use your phone in the shower go to the toilet with your cell phone

It is not just the physical aspect that matters. The mental state is also affected. According to experts, using your mobile phone a little too often can disrupt concentration and thinking, while limiting the ability to work effectively. This is why it is important to detach yourself from it as much as possible, choose a digital detox and take the time to refocus your ideas without any distractions. And with that in mind, it’s better to avoid taking your phone to the bathroom. Take advantage of the time on the toilet because it is the only place where you can allow your mind to clean!

The phone on the toilet promotes hemorrhoids

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Hard to believe that your smartphone increases the risk of hemorrhoids? And yet it is the truth. Besides the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction, the habit of checking your cell phone in the bathroom can actually be bad for your anus. How to explain this phenomenon? By using your phone on the toilet, you stay longer on the toilet. Consequently, the pressure on the veins from the anus into the rectum increases. It is the duration rather than the activity itself that is harmful here.

Surfing the web on the toilet increases phone addiction

using your phone on the toilet health risks man woman

If your phone allows you to stay connected to the outside world, it is not without danger as it ends up creating a dangerous addiction. The result of this over-consumption? You no longer enjoy the moment with your friends and family because you are constantly glued to your device. You miss a lot of precious moments. Not to mention the risk of infections that can be transmitted when using your laptop in the bathroom, in the kitchen or even in bed before bed. It is therefore strongly recommended to disinfect it daily, especially if you are used to taking it everywhere.

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