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Storytelling | Iconic model from Land Rover, Range Rover has built an international reputation, to become “Range”, the only one. Five generations of 52 years have not changed the situation. The DNA is there, strong and powerful, just like the luxurious adventurer he has always been. Discovery with Dominique Busso, CEO of Forbes France

The story of this legendary SUV that everyone recognizes at first glance has not been simple. There have been no less than four owners since 1970, with British Leyland, then with BMW (1994-2000), Ford (2000-2008) and finally the Indian group Tata. One would have thought that each of them could have had a strong influence on their design as the different versions progressed, but we must believe that resilience was the watchword for each of them, and certainly also for the buyers, as the first version for itself, aptly named “Classis”, delighted thousands of passionate drivers for twenty-six years, until 1980, then in 1992 with the arrival of a long chassis, which deterred them, on the contrary. If already at launch it was considered 4 × 4 (permanent four-wheel drive) the most luxurious ever built, this is truly a qualification that has always suited it over the years and with buyers.

Flavien Neyertz, CEO of Cobalt with Dominique Busso, CEO of Forbes France

History in history, in 1994 the model called P 38 was born, based on the famous long chassis, with a revised design, but above all with a complete engine offering. Originally equipped with a 3.5-liter V8 petrol from the Rover brand, it was then offered in 4-liter and 4.6-liter versions, still in the V8 for petrol, while a V6 (2.5l) from BMW introduced Diesel in the brand. The following Ford era obviously brings some changes, but the Range remains the Range! He bears the surname L322, without anyone remembering this detail. We still see the look in 2005 of the Range Rover Sport, based on the chassis of the Land Rover Discovery, which is therefore smaller. It will be produced until 2013. Surprisingly, each model will therefore have known two owners in its lifetime. Interestingly, the vehicle still retains its stature and positions itself out of its modifications.

flavien neyertz

But the brand created the event in 2010 with its “Evoque” version, then in 2017 with a “Velar” version named after the first prototypes that gave birth to the Range Rover. The fourth generation carries the number (unexplained to the layman) L405. It will be operated for nine years, from 2012 to 2021, and will experience only a slight restyling in 2017. same time. In 2022 comes the latest version. In fact, it was presented in London in October of the previous year, but the vintage is there and marks the end of another wonderful decade. It carries this time in subtitle an L460. That’s why it’s within Lagardère Paris Racing that we have recently been able to admire him. Admiring him is the right expression. “Oh, the beautiful animal”! Named Range Rover SV (launch version on the pictures), it’s a summary of the whole story of this legendary car. A refined interpretation of luxury and personalization, the brand announces. We want to believe in them. And the first contact does not contradict this claim. It is available in two versions: standard wheelbase (5,052 m) or long: 5,252 m (5 or 7 seats).

This is necessary to ensure the extraordinary comfort of a cabin for which the word “place” has real resonance. To state what makes the qualities of this latest version would certainly be superfluous. The believers of the brand would definitely watch all the news they expect and hope above all that it has retained what has made it famous. They will not be disappointed. The others will discover the reason for this success characterized by imagination, innovation, championship, pleasure and not only for driving, but also for confronting this century’s technology with the climax it can reach. We can still specify that the choice of engine will stand between the powerful 4.4-liter V8 twin turbo of 530 hp (0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds) for petrol, 6-cylinder range 3.0 at 250/350 hp for Diesel, and still the 6-cylinder 3.0 at 440/510 hp for the plug-in hybrid .

If its intelligent electronic air suspension ensures unique behavior and identical driving comfort, it would be misleading to think that its “all-terrain” qualities are not also a model of its kind. We are definitely thinking more about taking the family out in dream relationships, especially with the new noise reduction technology, or filling the trunk with golf equipment, but the forest surrounding the green will not scare this Range as infernally as it is angelic. One flick is all that is needed on the new 13.7-inch interactive driver display with high-resolution graphics and a programmable display to initialize the Mendiante Signature5 1600W Hi-Fi system, another for the new air purification system, another to plan your route … The road is yours, it suddenly seems new and so beautiful. Ask Flavien Neyertz what he thinks of it: he’s been driving a Range Rover for ten years!

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