Questex presents Metaverse World Congress, where

NEW YORK, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Questex today introduced the Metaverse Global Congress, a new event where innovators, marketers and strategists join forces to discuss the future of cyberspace. Metaverse Global Congress will bring together the most active brands and companies leading the Metaverse Revolution, as well as those looking to get started, looking for ideas, strategies and solutions to move their organizations forward into the future. The event takes place 28-29. June in San Jose, California.

Nova Lorraine, fashion designer and founder of Raine Magazine, will present “State of the Industry – Where the Metaverse is Today”. Lorraine is an award-winning couture designer, author, twice-nominated podcast host, and advisor to fashion and lifestyle brands and startups. Lorraine is a poet and storyteller at heart and has found success in her new book and podcast, Unleash Your Supernova. In addition to launching the Pink Kangaru podcast network, Lorraine has expanded its digital activities to Web3 as the founder of Raine Drops NFT Art House and as a strategist for NFTs, DAOs, and metaverse. She also co-hosts the Apple Ranking Crypto for Creatives podcast.

Lorraine said: “I started my crypto journey about five years ago and was thrilled to be able to combine my interests in crypto, NFTs and the meta verse with my background in fashion and branding. I am excited to share my insights with the participants and Metaverse Global Congress.

Karen Root, Director of Experience Strategy at Boehringer Ingelheim, will present “Understanding Experience Strategy, NFT / Smart Contracts and the Bridge Between Metaverse Technology and Today’s Practical Applications”. Root is a strategic operations and marketing manager with over two decades of experience in healthcare, including medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals. She is a thought leader in customer experience and digital transformation and adds innovative experience design to the meta-verse. His experience extends more broadly to computer software, publishing and consumer goods. She spearheaded strategy, branding, marketing, customer experience and digital as a global top executive for companies ranging from start-ups to multinational Fortune 100. She was at the forefront of working with hospital administrators to analyze value and support the triple goal from the manufacturer’s perspective . Certified in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFT and as a metaverse expert, she has a patent pending in smart contracts and explores the integration of NFTs and meta-realities in the healthcare field.

Root added: “Metaverset is in its infancy and it’s a really exciting time to be a part of something new. With expertise in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and more, I look forward to discussing how to can build practical meta-applications in healthcare with participants in Metaverse Global Congress.

Kevin Gray, Vice President of Metaverse Global Congress, said:The metaverse will change the world as we know it over the next decade. Technology and communications companies are rapidly turning their companies around to help support and enable the future. A wave of new vendors is popping up to help organizations market and monetize new products in vast virtual worlds, and live entertainment companies and game developers are offering successful early use cases for the potential of what the meta-verse could be. In the midst of all this, almost every brand in the world is carefully considering what the meta-verse will mean for their business. If you are into technology or communications, I hope you will join us in June for the Metaverse Global Congress as we delve into these issues and help brands and companies plan for the next development of the digital age.

Metaverse World Congress is co-located with Sensors Converge, Embedded Technologies Expo & Conference and Autonomous Technologies Conference.

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Questex presents Metaverse World Congress, where

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