Najla Bouden offered her resignation Kas Saed

Invited May 12, 2022 by Myriam Belkadhi in the ether Shems FM, Ghazi Chaouachi claimed that Tunisia had deviated from the democratic process. He stressed the monopolization of powers legislative, executive and judicial of the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saied. The latter, according to him, did not respect the provisions of Article 80 of the Constitution on extraordinary measures and uses them as an argument for establishing a new republic.Who asked him to create this new republic? What is the basis of this new republic? How can Tunisians accept the transition to this new or third republic without participating in it? », he wondered.

We have to go through dialogue … We need to look at the economic situation … This is a real priority … The economic situation must be the subject of a dialogue in order to put in place a national rescue government … The head of government Najla Bouden presented his resignation a few days ago to the President of the Republic. He has not made it official yet. Currently, there is a conflict among the president’s supporters to appoint a successor Bouden. It will be Taoufik Charfeddin (Minister of the Interior) Where Malek Zahi (minister of social affairs) We’re in a deadlock situation … Other ministers have filed their resignations or refuse to sign documents for fear of being held responsible for the worsening of the situation Ghazi revealed Chaouachi.

The Secretary – General ofAttayar felt that the President was not aware of the seriousness of the situation. He stressed the importance of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund. He said the absence of an inclusive, participatory approach makes them reject and oppose this process. He believed that the electronic consultation was a real failure. He claimed that the actual number of participants did not exceed the 100,000 mark and that some people participated several times to inflate the numbers. He explained that the electronic consultation did not make it possible to confirm that the persons had spoken. According to the same source, it must take place within a well-defined framework. He reaffirmed that his party had no problem changing political rule, but on the condition that this be the subject of a dialogue.

What are the real results of this consultation? We only saw the president talk to the head of government who did not have a microphone and The Minister of communication technologies that present certain numbers. These have yet to be released … We have no confidence in this government or in the Minister of Communications Technology. We can not trust a person who has confiscated powers and claims to be the only one speaking on behalf of the people to achieve a personal project. “, he said.

Ghazi Chaouachi also emphasized the distinction between the transition to a new republic or the Third Republic. He explained that the new republic that Caius is talking about Saied was based on the monopolization of powers by the head of state.The same political project presents the judiciary as being a sector in the service of the state and not an independent power. The president believes that the decentralization of power means a dissolution of the state. He said it was a state within a state. It will dissolve municipalities, communities and their independence. He does not believe in the need for constitutional or supervisory bodies. He believes that the state should be a single compact and centralized entity. the Danish parliament must be limited to its legislative function. For him, associations, parties and trade unions have no place to exist “, he lamented.

Ghazi Chaouachi reminded thatUGTT had expressed his refusal to engage in a pseudo-dialogue. The specialist center will never agree to contribute to the implementation of the Kaïs project Saied. He also believed that the statements of the President of the National Bar Association of Tunisia, Brahim Bouderbala engaged only his person. The latter is, according to him, obliged to preserve the legal profession and not to take political positions. He mentioned the absence of several national organizations. He also mentioned calls for a dialogue with all political actors.

Regarding the new composition of the Independent High Electoral Authority (isia)Ghazi Chaouachi recalled that the President had appointed four of the seven members of this institution. He said they particularly supported the president, Sami Ben slama and Farouk bouasker.Gold, Kais Saied is affected by the 2023 presidential election. L ‘isia has lost its constitutional aspect and its independence from the powers legislative and executive It can become a tool to falsify choices … In a way, we reject monopolization of powers and decision-making one-sided », he added.

Ghazi Chaouachi expressed his support for the National Salvation Front formed by Ahmed Néjib Chebbi. Nevertheless, he called for the formation of a broader coalition that includes all democratic forces.

Responds to the murder of the Palestinian journalist Shireen have been drinking AklehSecretary General of the Party AttayarGhazi Chaouachirecalled that a law against normalization had been proposed by the Democratic parliamentary bloc.We do not need that wait to a reaction from Kais Saied who had called normalization a betrayal. This speech has been neglected since July 25th. The first parliament to be formed after the resumption of the democratic process will pass this law. Tunisia will be the first Arab and Muslim country to adopt such a law “, he added.


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