Lootex is making progress in Blockchain Space, co-hosting the first Metaverse Fashion Show in Asia

TAIPEI, May 12, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Innovate and settle for nothing but the best of being first. Lootex has just made several advances in gaining more recognition in the metaverse space. Last week, Lootex was invited to help organize the journey through art and fashion with Ponctuels at the Breeze Center in Fuxing Taipei. Simple but smart brand, “Fashion in the Metaverse” has put together some of NFT’s most significant collections as well as physical art. A breath of newness is created as the world progresses in its understanding of the meta-verse and what it means for the creations of the various artists. Lootex, filled with results as the adoption and integration of NFT and GameFi artworks grows in popularity everywhere Asia.

Lootex co-hosts the first “Fashion in the Metaverse”, creating a journey with fashion and art NFT

Store preview:https://lootex.io/stores/lootex-fashion-in-the-metaverse

The collaboration with Lootex and OneOffs is a step in the right direction for the first NFT metaverse fashion show in Taiwan. The co-curation of “Fashion in The Metaverse” gathered artists from Sandboxes Foundation: An An, TongYangChicken, Nest, Beryl Chen, Carina Chenand game art designer Nora C. These talented artists were asked to design: a futuristic sci-fi fashion show featuring the avatars created in The Sandbox’s VoxEdit. Each avatar is cast in a limited edition of NFT and posted on the Lootex website for to sell. The exclusivity of each avatar will only enhance the collector’s experience in the ever-changing metaverse. A date has not yet been announced, but buyers of these avatars can expect some cool perks that will allow them to not only showcase the art in the real world, but also customize their styling choices in the metaverse.

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The latest collaboration expands the existing partnership between Lootex and the sandbox, which began in2018. This is part of a larger partnership between Lootex and The Sandbox, which also adds The Sandbox co-founder Sebastien Borget to the extent advisor and investor in Lootex. CEO and co-founder of Lootex, Justine Lu, is the organizer of the Global Blockchain Game Alliance, and also co-hosted the VoxEdit NFT creation event and Game Jam game design contests for The Sandbox. Lootex is proud to be a long-term partner with The Sandbox and expects to see more developers and game creators use The Sandbox to build the next generation of metaverse assets and games, ”said Lu. The support of such a major contributor to the future of the metaverse and its assets clearly shows that Lootex is on the right track, not just to be pioneers in their field but a major player in NFT marketplaces.

Beyond The Sandbox, Lootex’s player-centric cross-chain NFT trading platform is constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in blockchain gaming. Creativity intertwined with the physical and virtual worlds is why Lootex is poised to become the one-stop-shop that cannot be denied. By providing its 80,000 active users with a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace, Lootex will certainly pave the way for more impressive projects. Along with the appreciation of artists showcasing their amazing works, we would not be surprised to see more collaborations of this caliber.

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