here are the smartphones that are compatible with beta

While Google I / O took place last night, the giant launches Android 13 beta 2 on its Pixels. But other brands can now receive beta 1: Asus, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Vivo, etc.

Android 13: here are the smartphones that are compatible with beta
A preview of Android 13 // Source: Google

During the Google I / O conference last night, we learned about the launch of Android 13 beta 2. A development of beta 1, which a priori offers all the features of Android 13 presented so far.

What’s new in Android 13 Beta 2

The main new features in this second beta mainly relate to confidentiality and authorizations related to applications. Now apps need to ask you for permission before sending you notifications. In the past, it was up to you to ignore messages from this or that application. To continue with permissions, they will be restricted: access to local files will be divided into two parts: photos and videos on the one hand, music and audio recordings on the other. Therefore, an application that only needs your images will no longer have access to your audio files, unlike what we had on previous versions of the operating system.

Android 13: here are the smartphones that are compatible with beta
A preview of Android 13 // Source: Google

Other new features coming to Android 13 Beta 2. According to the Android Developer Blog, “Beta 2 has everything you need to try out Android 13 features, test your apps, and give us feedback “.

Android 13 beta 2 available now on Pixels

Google prioritizes its phones and therefore makes the update to Android 13 beta 2 available on its Pixels:

Clearly, the Pixel 6a that was unveiled yesterday is not on the list as it will not be available for a few months.

Other Android smartphones will be able to receive Android 13 beta 1

While yesterday we announced the first smartphones that can receive the first version of Android 13, the official list was published by Google and by the various affected brands:

These models can therefore be updated to beta 1 of Android 13, the update to the second beta should come later. Note that these are versions called “Developer preview, Which is released to developers so they can test their applications to optimize them on Android smartphones of different brands. This therefore does not guarantee that these are stable versions: some features are missing. If you want to upgrade to Beta 1, you can, but we strongly advise against it, especially on a phone you use every day. If you start anyway, make a backup copy of your data: there is a good chance that it will be deleted during the update.

9to5Googlereports today that Oppo Find N is also compatible with the first beta of Android 13; The brand actually depends on what it has done with its Find X5 Pro. We’ve learned that this version of Android 13 even works with Google services. However, only developers certified by Oppo in China will be able to access this beta, the only country where the phone is sold.

Android 13: here are the smartphones that are compatible with beta

As for the transition to beta 2 for these smartphones, we have no information yet, but it will probably happen within a few weeks.

One step closer to beta 3 and the first stable version

This second beta is one step closer to beta 3, which will be released in June 2022 according to Google’s schedule. It is when this version is implemented that the functionalities begin to be stable, that the compatibility test of the applications will be performed on final versions and that the release of these applications can begin.

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