Fire Ring: Too many players still ignore this crucial statistic!

news tips Fire Ring: Too many players still ignore this crucial statistic!

With its many different ways of playing and its confusing number of weapons, armor and equipment, Elden Ring has brought together all the RPG lovers who need monsters to slaughter. More than two months after its release, the game still manages to amaze with the depth of its gameplay, as evidenced by this essential statistic, which is still too underrated by gamers.

No one will tell you otherwise: everything that lives in the underworld will try to kill you. If some will choose a sneaky and agile tactic to avoid monsters and make surgical attacks, others will prefer to face all the difficulties upside down, armed with their large armor and their swords. Whatever you choose, pay attention to one particular and underestimated state: balance.


  • Stoik the Bride
  • Die without bending
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Stoik the Bride

Fire Ring: Too many players still ignore this crucial statistic!

Balance sheet (clear in VO) is a very special state and very often underestimated by Elden Ring players. It must be said that its function is not obvious at first glance, but we offer you a simple explanation.

When you are hit in the Fire Ring, you suffer most of the time from two effects: loss of life points and your character falters, preventing you from moving for a short time. Now imagine an extra gauge for your bar of life, endurance and mana that would be emptied of every hit you receive. As long as you have a bit of this meter left, the hits you receive will obviously hurt you, but will not make you stagger. This is called balance.

This famous invisible meter regenerates completely and instantly after being emptied for the first time. In other words, if you have 51 balance and you get two hits that give 50 balance points, you will not waver first, but second. If you take a third blow while following, you will not waver, and so on. On the other hand, if you have 50 balance or less, every hit that inflicts 50 balance points will make you stagger. Also note this if you want to restore your balance without getting hit, just do not take a hit for about 30 seconds.

In short, if you want to resist swaying, you need at least 1 balance point more than the number you are forced to lose.. The problem is that out of the 123 armor sets offered by the game, only 15 give you enough balance to effectively resist swaying.

Die without bending

Fire Ring: Too many players still ignore this crucial statistic!

To know how much balance is required to resist wobbling, you already need to know how many balance points your enemies will inflict on you.. This information varies greatly in PVP depending on the weapons your opponents use, but surprisingly little in PVE.


As you travel through the underworld, you will encounter all kinds of enemies. If absolutely every one of them will try to kill you without mercy and will hit your life bar more or less effectively, they will mostly apply the same number of balance points: between 50 and 55. To withstand rapid blows without wobbling, we therefore advise you to try to reach at least 51 balance points, or even 56 to be more efficient.

Note, however, that some enemies will hit exactly 100 balance points. We are talking about attacks made with large weapons, which generally make slow and charged blows. Therefore, if you want to review them without hesitation, you must exceed the limit of 100 balance points, which is not possible without the Mouflon Talisman. We invite you to read our guide to find out where you can get it. If you are used to playing with heavy armor, Trying to achieve this level of balance can be a good idea. In fact, you can not only suffer powerful attacks without faltering, but also up to two light attacks in a row, enough to make you a real rascal.


For players against players, it is also important to have a good level of balance, but a little more complex. Take effect, the number of applied balance points depends on the type of weapon your opponent uses:

Arms 1 hand / 2 hands
Daggers & Claws 31/33
Casting Sword and Whip 41/45
Straight swords, katanas, spears, double blades, axes, fists, curved swords 51/56
Heavy offensive sword 56/61
Hammer and slag 61/67
Hellebarder and Fauchards 93/103
All heavy weapons 103/113

To withstand the vast majority of weapons, we therefore advise you to reach a balance level of 62. Of course, here again you can choose to reach 133 balance thanks to heavy armor and Talisman of the Mouflon, but we advise you to do this only if you are already used to playing with this genre of armor.

Shopping list

Fire Ring: Too many players still ignore this crucial statistic!

As we told you before, there are only 15 armor sets in the game that can reach at least the 51 point balance mark, here are which :

  • Forsagt Set
  • Lionel set
  • Radahn set
  • Veterans set
  • Carved set
  • Crucible wooden form set
  • Fire prelate set
  • Bernahl sweet
  • Mouflon set
  • Wooden Sentinel set
  • Exiled knight set
  • Royal Knight set
  • Blaidds set
  • Dike onion set
  • Deformed kite set

One of the best armor on this list will definitely be Veterans setwho will offer you one excellent weight / balance ratio. However, this set can only be downloaded very late in the game. While waiting to be able to equip it, we advise you to focus on the scaled set. To find out where you can find all these armor, we also suggest you read our complete guide to the Elden Ring.

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