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Building a successful business is every entrepreneur’s dream. But it is still necessary to have the “good idea” to concretize in project. Do not know where to start? Here are some tips and questions you can ask yourself that can help you find the concept to become a business that works.

find business idea

How to get a business idea?

Start first with a phase of introspection. This is the best time to refocus on yourself and reflect on your qualities. Get to know yourself and ask yourself what you can do. At the same time, think about what you like to do and your qualities. Remember the words from those around you, such as “You are good at …”, “I wanted to see you in …”. These phrases could open the door to talents that you probably never knew you had until after careful consideration.

To imagine an idea is good. But combining it with his personal ambitions is even better. You can draw inspiration from this statement by Steve Jobs: “The only way to succeed is to love what you do”. This statement leads you to realize your dreams of entrepreneurship in line with activities that you enjoy practicing. It is important that you are familiar with what you plan to do.

Get inspired by your passion. This can be an effective way. When you combine your passion with what you practice, it greatly increases your satisfaction in the field. Your passion can be a lever to start your business and can also be a boost when you encounter difficulties.

When you combine passion and know-how, you can only achieve good results in the end. It is necessary to utilize your skills so that you can easily identify your limits. Once you have identified your weaknesses, you can easily understand them, which is crucial to launching or ensuring the sustainability of your business.

To get a business idea, you can also start with the concept of business observation. Find market trends or products that are popular with consumers. Use your critical thinking to turn these products to your advantage, such as leveraging them in another business sector, improving weaknesses, adjusting the price to a different customer profile, etc. You can also draw inspiration from a concept that works abroad, but beware on that it can be adapted to the market you plan to launch it.

Excavating an innovative idea can come from an inner analysis of yourself. However, it can also come from outside: your surroundings. Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues questions about products or services that could be useful to them or that would meet their needs. Brainstorm with people you trust. With more, it is certain that a good idea will be retained.

A good business idea can also come from an idea that has already become a reality, such as reinventing a traditional business or taking over a business. In the second case, you take advantage of revenue, customers, reputation, but also the means of production that are already in place.

Here’s an innovative alternative: the franchise. It brings together various benefits for entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the sector: they benefit from fame, know-how, but also training from the franchisor. This simplifies the integration of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Companies that work

Currently, entrepreneurship is attracting more and more people. But the essential question that arises is: in what field to start. Here are the promising sectors in 2021:

  • Catering and the culinary sector : they attract professionals as well as people in retraining. In addition, these franchises have in recent years recorded double-digit growth.
  • green business : the ecological boom is inevitable, note that 9 out of 10 French people today declare to have consumed it and ¾ follow the consumption at least once a month. The ecological trend is spreading in all sectors: energy and transport, agricultural food, agricultural production and even textiles. A dynamic driven by concern for the preservation of the environment and the search for better well-being.
  • Personal services
  • Deeptech technological innovations.

On the other hand, there are companies that are considered to be more profitable than others, whether it is in the short, medium or long term. This will truly depend on your project, but also on the volume of your revenue. We can take:

  • Convenience stores : to sell basic necessities. They are relatively cost effective because PPNs are consumables needed for everyday comfort.
  • Sale of electronic equipment : with the technological development, brands offer accessories that are essential in everyday life.
  • childcare equipment : Parents often invest unimaginable amounts to ensure their baby’s comfort and safety.

In general, the organic market is one of the sectors that gained revenue last year. In fact, its turnover is currently around 12 billion euros, if in 2018 it was still at 907 billion euros.

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