Call of Duty Warzone: King Kong and Godzilla, the Fortnite-style event that flopped?

Play news Call of Duty Warzone: King Kong and Godzilla, the Fortnite-style event that flopped?

Godzilla and King Kong have just fallen into the Call of Duty Warzone. An event of unprecedented magnitude for Battle Royale, which had so far accustomed us to less grandiose ideas for renewing its formula. To think that the Activision title would make its Fortnite. A turning point? We dived into the fight to tell you more. Here is our opinion and all information about this condition.

Do you think the Call of Duty Warzone updates are missing a bite? You will be served. As part of its “Operation Monarch” event, which runs from May 11 to 25, Battle Royale welcomes King Kong and Godzilla. You thus get access to new skins – of weapons and heroes – and to a new game mode with the two monsters. In it, 60 players fight for it as a team under the Resurgence rules (you get back to life in seconds if your teammates are still on the field), while Godzilla and King Kong frolic nicely on the Caldera, a recent tropical map from Warzone . The goal, of course, is to become the last team still standing. But the huge beasts will react to complicate your task, being able to go into a state of madness and attack you nonstop. The solution: escape or attack, to get improvements. Even directly use the powers of Godzilla and King Kong.

The local attractions

After the traditional parachute jump, you are faced with a caldera in even worse shape than usual. For good reason, in addition to the toxic gas, this time there is King Kong and Godzilla. The Titans are over 100 meters high and are clearly the local attraction. Sure, your reflex will first be to rush you to see them closer. The ability to notice a first thing: even though the creatures impose the horizon, they really lack response when we face them. It’s simple, you will more often be caught by another player than by their big attacks. The latter are very slow, will not always finish you off with a single hit and are indicated in advance on the map. Enough to dodge them without too much effort. Even the beast’s animations fail to create a sense of fear.

So yes, you’ll probably be obsessed with Godzilla and King Kong at first, but the game remains a classic Resurgence where the last team alive is named the big winner … with two big monsters going around. In fact, the Titans are occupying a somewhat smaller place in the operation of the state. Their big interest is to give you “Information” when you shoot them, a resource that will raise a small blue bar to the right of the screen. You can also find it in coffins, supply boxes and on the bodies of fallen enemies. The more the bar progresses, the more attractive rewards you get. First a gas mask, an equipment box and finally the SCREAM device to unleash the power of King Kong and Godzilla on your opponents. Note that the bar is not reset between each death and is specific to the player, not the entire team.

SCREAM can be useful at the end of a game when the zone and the toxic gas are concentrating the attacks in a small play area, but Activision does not seem to have the right idea here. Yes, King Kong and Godzilla are great ways to get bonuses, even more so if you have a tower at hand or take advantage of their “madness” phases to inflict damage on them and receive a prize. But the monsters probably distract the players’ attention a little too much. In Operation Monarch, we are quickly caught in the head when we want to extract information from the titans. All in all, it’s hard to be convinced of the condition, even if there are some good ideas. Each Intel collected will give you a speed boost. With the addition of relocation balloons, tools to fly away in an instant and cover a significant distance, there are welcome movement options. But it is our enthusiasm that we would have liked to have seen pick up speed.

Call of Duty Warzone: Meet King Kong (Gameplay)

An important turning point

It’s a bit of a shame. In addition to all its qualities, Warzone does not go through a particularly good pass. Last month, in its first report Financer of the Year, accused publisher Activision-Blizzard a loss of 60 million users on all its games, especially due to the minor success of Call of Duty. The company actually noticed “lower engagement” on Battle Royale and “declining sales of Vanguard” compared to Black Ops Cold War, the 2020 episode. a first step in that direction. No doubt about the beginning of Warzone 2, which has already been confirmed by Activision.

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