Business staging, a solution to better sell your business

Posted April 19, 2017, 6:31 am

Home staging, you know? For ten years, the “staging of the house” _ a cheap appraisal of a property to sell it better_ has been widespread. Professionals do not fail to communicate about the benefits of the method: less tight pricing negotiations and shorter sales times. And the “business staging” that the big corporations practice without naming it as such when it comes to selling an activity and “making the bride more beautiful”, can it actually facilitate the sale of an SME? Isabelle Saladin, who develops the concept in France, is convinced. For the one who defines the approach more broadly as ” the operational structuring of the company before a strategic change “, however, it is helpful for the owner-manager to ask the right questions before starting.

1. Is your desire to sell genuine?

There must be real reflection work before the command operation is initiated“Indicates the consultant stating” spend hours clearing the ground “. What does the entrepreneur really want? The question may seem fundamental, but Isabelle Saladin believes that three agreements with a client were necessary to identify that if he felt a real fatigue in relation to his activity, the boss had no intentions of selling his. Corporation. ” A business leader who wants to do “business staging” to get growth started or create renewal does not have the same approach to the process. explains consultant Isabelle Saladin. In the task, there is a third person coming in who changes everything. And it’s not the same timing“. It is especially based on the goal that the consultant works when the income statement is not enough to make the buyers’ eyes shine _ and this is of course often the case in this type of situation.” We assume that the company has an asset, that the entrepreneur has created somethingIt’s left to adapt it to the interests of the target.

2. Do you agree to contribute another year to the life of your business?

Answer the questions “What will a buyer be able to do with my structure?” Where “How should he be able to make money with the company in three years”? and implementing the necessary measures to make your business “desirable” means that you agree to invest in it for a further eleven months, the average duration of a good “business setup”. During this period, it will be necessary to structure the company and establish performance indicators. Isabelle Saladin cites the case of this SSII with various legal entities and offices, in Asia and France, created according to client contract options. “Each of the devices operates with its own tools, its own rules, its own services. This results in loss of productivity and increased costs», States the one who followed the consolidation of the company’s processes and tools. “We also identified that out of the three product lines (software, editor’s note) developed and marketed, two no longer brought in money and would probably never again because they were based on needs and markets (in trade) before the crisis“, she explains.

Are you ready to develop your team’s skills?

In the case of SSII helped by Isabelle Saladin, about twenty people worked on the two unprofitable product lines … Shall we think about layoffs? “Staging is not restructuring, but structuringemphasizes the consultant.The idea was how to optimize the employment of these twenty people while others were overwhelmed by software that worked very well and which would become the cornerstone of the company.“. The SME for sale had evolved with its employees.”They had climbed more in affect than in their real skills“, Slips the consultant. Some had been impromptu leaders and others placed in _non-technical_ positions where they did not excel. The only decision that had to be made was to develop the teams’ competencies and dive into a training budget that has always been intact.

Square, SSII is now in the process of being sold to an Asian fund. With business staging, the messy business has positioned itself as a niche software provider. “And she was able to sell development potential with the teams in place“, Welcomes the consultant. Especially when during the eleven months of “work” the margin increased and the result increased …

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