Android phones share important user data without deselecting

The usability of smartphones no longer needs to be demonstrated as almost everyone has them today. These very practical devices help in performing many daily tasks. You need to know that the most popular phones in the world are the ones running Android. But apparently, these types of smartphones are increasingly suspected of spreading user data without them being aware of it. Discover in detail the reasons for these growing suspicions about Google’s operating system and the solution to these concerns.

Android phones share important user data without deselecting

How can Android phones leak personal data?

Be aware that a few researchers at Trinity College Dublin are actively researching different versions of Google’s Android operating system. They are particularly interested in versions developed by manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. In one of their reports, these researchers revealed that variants of certain apps can transfer “significant” amounts of information to developers.

To tell you the truth, these system applications are pre-installed on your device, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft. You are aware that most of these system applications are found in all the latest Android smartphones and no one can remove them. Although not fully configured, these applications are capable of sending data back to their parent companies.

Also note that even if you have never opened any of these apps, chances are that they have still shared your data with some third-party company or companies. Experts of these various applications generally claim that the purpose of this data logging is to allow developers to quickly detect problems with their apps.

Some companies also claim that they use this information to offer content tailored to each user’s needs. But regardless of the purpose, collecting this data can be intrusive and a major security issue.

What alternative to prevent the spread of user data on Android?

There are many ways to protect the personal data of your Android smartphone as much as possible. One of the best is simply to download VPN with ease to secure your data and prevent them from being collected by these apps. As an indication, you need to know that a VPN is a tool designed to enhance the security of any kind of electronic device (computer, smartphone, tablet).

Once installed, the VPN allows the device to be connected to a remote server by isolating the traffic generated by the user. The latter is therefore no longer directly connected to its IP address, but rather to another server located elsewhere in the world. Using a VPN thus helps to avoid scans of your traffic and protects your data. Only the VPN server can go back to your smartphone as it is the only one that knows your real IP.

Why protect personal data on your Android phone with a VPN?

The use of a VPN becomes almost crucial to ensure the security of user data on a smartphone. Here are some reasons to prove it.

Le VPN, a reliable security tool on Android

As mentioned above, among the most effective solutions to secure your data on Android, VPN proves to be one of the most reliable. By placing yourself on a new server, VPN eliminates any possibility of tracking your smartphone. Therefore, no system applications can access your personal information once you are logged in.

You can also be sure that even though a VPN service might know where you are actually connected from, it will not be able to access your phone data. Why ? These are encrypted and obscured by a server that acts as a firewall. To enhance the security of your information, click here to learn more about an item that may infringe on your privacy.

A guarantee of anonymity on your Android phone

If there is one major difficulty that many people encounter online, it is the fact that it is difficult to cover one’s identity and remain anonymous. All your actions are tracked and reused for marketing, political and even fraudulent purposes. On the other hand, using a VPN is an easier way to preserve your freedom while surfing the web.

Instead of revealing your phone’s IP address, the server you connect to via VPN sends a different address to the websites you visit. This allows you to browse anonymously. An important reason why more and more internet users are interested in using VPN. Additionally, by clicking here, you can discover an example of Microsoft software that has revealed millions of personal data.

Complete protection of your personal information

Whether you are connected to a network or offline, your VPN app will always be functional. Also note that system apps that can communicate your data without your notice often work with the Internet. VPN will be able to effectively prevent the transmission of your confidential information as no one will be able to access it

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