With the Master in Global Hospitality Business from EHL Hospitality Business School you can enjoy a unique international experience!

What education do you need to pursue to succeed in a career in the hotel industry? We offer you the Master in Global Hospitality Business from EHL, a school founded in 1893 as the École Hôtelière de Lausanne! With this program you will learn how to become a professional in the international hospitality industry. The goal? Provide your future customers from around the world with a unique experience and first-class services. How ? Thanks to this local touch, specific to each country and each culture, synonymous with discovery and sharing. Focus on MSc in Global Hospitality Business through the experience of Rubina, a former student at EHL Hospitality Business School, who studied on 3 continents.

Prepare to work for an international clientele

During 3 semesters, ie 16 months in total, the students have the opportunity to follow the course Master in Global Hospitality Business at three prestigious universities, including and. The latter is present on three continents: in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, America, and more precisely in the United States (Conrad N. Hilton College of Global Hospitality Leadership, University of Houston, Texas), and Asia, in Hong Kong (Polytechnic University). PolyU).

Rubina, 30, a former EHL student who will soon take up the position of Head Acquisitions and Sales in a Swiss real estate fund, has thus studied with young people from all over the world: “There were several different nationalities (…), all learned from the culture and experiences of others, we enriched each other through contact with so many different personalities. We also all had in mind this idea of ​​networking (networks) during our studies, in order to extract the best from these EHL years ”. Moreover, “all courses are in English (…) You must have a solid foundation, but the level improves with the months, it is important to be able to work abroad!”.

Passionate, the young woman addsthe hotel industry is a deeply human field that makes it possible to live up to the expectations of an international clientele, from all over the worldr ”. In addition to opening up to different cultures and exposing themselves to the challenges that the hotel sector presents, students cultivate their freedom from prejudice and a sense of empathy in order to be versatile and flexible.

Learn about the latest trends in the international hotel industry

With Master in Global Hospitality Business, EHL enables students to develop their sense of leadership. The latter benefit from a unique teaching and an innovative pedagogy that combines theoretical courses, meetings, study trips and field visits (business trips or business trips).

The goal? Develop leadership skills to qualify for an international career. Students have the opportunity to meet many professionals with vastly different profiles.

As part of her three studies abroad, Rubina visited companies and met influential players in the hotel industry. “I went to Macao, Shanghai, Beijing.

I also discovered the world of hotels on other continents and in other capitals like Berlin, Paris, but also Houston, New York and Rome (…). Experts from around the world share their experiences and experiences as well as their vision of hospitality and hospitality.“, she remembers.

The young woman goes on to explain itthere is only with a diploma like that Master in Global Hospitality Business that such opportunities can be accessed in the international hotel sector. We meet all these people, big names in the hotel industry, who tell us about their experience, give us advice and it’s absolutely crazy!”.

Students also apply their knowledge of tourism trends and markets, both regionally and internationally. This translates into many group projects. Rubina especially insists on one of them: “The Capstone project, which takes place over the three semesters of the study. (…) Each working group brings together students, brought together according to their competencies and their personalities (…) We can be both complementary and very different from each other (…) It really is an overview of the working world, we do not choose his colleagues or his team, but we must ensure the progress of the project! ”.

This project is business-oriented and is carried out in collaboration with global partners in the hotel industry. It represents a real challenge for the students. “It is necessary proof to these industrial customers that we have managed our project to the end, that we can offer them concrete solutions that will be useful to them”Adds Rubina.

Join an international network to boost your career

At the end of their course and achievement of Master in Global Hospitality Business students can join the large network of EHL alumni, but also the partner university networks, including the University of Houston and the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

Aware of EHL’s reputation for excellence, many companies turn to their students and graduates to offer them internships and permanent positions. To further strengthen this closeness to hotel industry players, EHL’s relationships with the hotel industry department organize events and create platforms that allow students to take advantage of job opportunities. In fact, more than 4,000 companies have already recruited EHL students and graduates, and each semester, more than 200 companies recruit directly on EHL campuses.

In addition, students have the opportunity to meet influential and caring people in the restaurant industry, but also in other areas related to customer relations, service or luxury shopping.

In addition, Rubina declares that “EHL is very competent, especially when it comes to maintaining an international network and making it grow (…) It has managed to create a very strong bond between former students and newcomers (…) For example, one of My friends find a job in the hotel industry during a gala. She started building her network by talking to one person. One led to the other, she met others and made her professional project a reality. ”

It informs the young woman “Students who are abroad easily create a network on site that allows them to stay in the country where they are based to work there. My Spanish friend now works in London and one of my English friends is currently in France”.

Do you want to develop in the largest hotel and tourism markets and pursue an international career? With the Master in Global Hospitality Business, get ready to build the future of the global hospitality industry!

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