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that Luxury SUV Bentley Bentayga extends by 180 mm to become it Bentley’s next Grand Tourerwith a 180 mm longer wheelbase and rear cab space.

Four specific exterior changes characterize Bentayga at long wheelbase: a longer profile, a new front grille, a new polished 22-inch 10-spoke wheel and a relocated sunroof, while preserving the aesthetics of the second generation Bentayga.

The long wheelbase Bentayga is inspired by the grille on the Flying Spur and enjoys a dvisually eye-catching “vertical fingitter” design.

The grid consists ofvertical fins in light chrome located in front of a black mesh grid.

That 22 inch Bentayga rim 10-spokes are offered in a mirror-polished design for the Bentayga with long wheelbase.

The panoramic sunroof has been moved 125 mm to the rear, which provides an optimal position for bathing the rear cabin in natural light. The sunroof can be controlled using the remote control in the rear cab touch screen, but also via the console in the front cab.

With body modifications to the chassis, side panels, doors and roof, the Bentley designers have ensured that the lines and proportions continue to radiate style.

Following this extension, the car’s wheelbase increases from 2,995 mm to 3,175 mm for one 5322 mm total length. We find the extension on the rear doors, which benefits the rear seat.

The long wheelbase Bentayga is designed for well-being on board for those on board.

The long wheelbase Bentayga offers one “4 plus 1” configuration standard with two side rear seats, 16 adjustment functions, heating, ventilation and five individual massage programs. A central seat is available as an option, which makes it possible to accommodate a third adult and provides access to a ski hatch in the backrest.

ONE rear center console between the two rear seats is included in the four-seater comfort version. It offers extra storage space and two extra USB charging sockets.

From cascading interior light provides discreet lighting in the rear cabin. The lighting is aimed at the center of the car and improves passenger visibility of central centrally located controls and functions. The lighting provides pleasant ambient light at the back.

The stretched Bentley Bentayga SUV receiver seats called “Airline Seat”. Bentley’s Airline Seat is the most advanced seat ever fitted in a car with its 22 adjustment modes, new automatic climate control system and postural adjustment technology.

In “Relax” mode, the seat can be tilted up to 40 degrees, the passenger seat can be moved forward mechanically, and a leather footrest can be inserted from the backrest of the passenger seat.

In “Business” mode, the seat can be adjusted to its most upright position to make work more comfortable when you are on the go.

The level of the seat tilt can be controlled using the touchscreen remote control so that the car’s functions can be controlled from the rear cabin. Additional switches are located in the door compartment to adjust the seat to the maximum reclined position (“Relax” mode) or to its most upright position (“Business” mode).

That automatic seat climate control technology records resident temperature and surface humidity to determine if heat, ventilation, or both should be used to maintain the user’s thermal well-being. At the same time, the Postural Adjustment System automatically makes micro-adjustments of the seat position and passenger pressure points by measuring the pressure on the seat surface. The system can apply 177 different pressure changes in six completely independent pressure zones over a three-hour period.

The long wheelbase Bentayga incorporates a sewing design made using digital craftsmanship. The diamond shapes extend symmetrically from the center of the seat back panels at shoulder height and all the way to the door.

The interior styling of the back door includes a unique design in the form of an optional “veneer with metal overlay”. Using a 0.07 mm thick thin metal strip, glue an intricate pattern by hand to the surface of the veneer before varnishing and polishing the piece.

Features like Bentley Diamond Illumination (where the light is emitted through small perforations in the soft door trim) shows that the technology is combined with modern craftsmanship. The light effect is achieved by LEDs (12 on each of the front doors, 22 on each of the rear doors), which emit light through small 1 mm diameter perforations in the leather lining of the door panels. The intensity and color of the lighting through the trim can be controlled using the infotainment system and the touchscreen remote control.

The interior of the Bentayga with long wheelbase boasts 24 billion finishing combinations (and a total number of specific properties that can reach several trillions).

From electrically closing doors can be configured. Two switches are located on the back of the elongated center console and are within easy reach of the rear seat passengers. By pressing and holding the switch, rear seat passengers can close the door on the corresponding side using dedicated motors. The motors are also activated by light manual pushing of the door, in a movement integrated in the electric locking mechanism. The motors also provide a little help in opening the door.

That electronic four-wheel steering does not compromise between high speed safety and moderate speed comfort.

To high speed on the highway, the system slightly adjusts the direction of travel of the rear wheels in line with the driver’s direct steering inputs to the front wheels. This increases stability at high speeds and allows for safer overtaking and lane changes. In addition, handling is improved in narrow turns.

To low speed, four-wheel steering has the effect of “shortening” the wheelbase, reducing the turning radius and increasing the feeling of agility in cramped urban environments, resulting in easier parking. This is because the rear wheels point in the opposite direction of the front wheels.

that 48V Bentley Dynamic Ride active roll control system offers an optimized balance between driving comfort, handling and body control.

The long wheelbase Bentayga is powered by a Bentley 4.0-liter twin-scroll 32-valve turbocharged V8 petrol engine. Combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the V8 delivers 550 hp to 770 Nm of torque with a top speed of 290 km / h. It accelerates from 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds.

Far from being limited to a simple extension, the long wheelbase Bentayga is intended to create a Grand Touring SUV that offers the best rear cab experience since the Mulsanne it intends to take over.

Bentley’s Grand Touring SUV is expected to account for up to 45% of total Bentayga sales when it goes on sale in 2022.

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