Preview # 2 – F1 22 – The news is revealed a little more (F1 Life, supercars …) | Xbox One

Earlier this week, we announced a first preview of the new official F1 22 game. It focused mainly on the new layout of Miami and the feel of the cars after the implementation of the new 2022 rules. It is with another preview that we have the opportunity to talk about the title again. This time, we focus on the news in this opus, the first game in the franchise developed by Codemasters since its acquisition of Electronic Arts.

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F1 for everyone

As we have seen recently, F1 is becoming more popular than ever and continues to attract new spectators over the last few years. In particular, the 2021 season and the outcome of the Abu Dhabi Championship gathered more than 100 million viewers around the world.

This enthusiasm is mainly due to the various TV companies that make it an honor to show us the race in every detail. F1 22 is no exception to the rule and also continues to offer an authentic broadcast as if you were in front of your television. Several new features will further enhance the immersion this year with, for example, new intermediate sequences animating the Grand Prix.

For France, of course, it is Julien Fébreau who takes care of the comments, while Natalie Pinkham, Sascha Roos and Alex Jacques also join the international cast. During the presentation of the game that we could attend, we also noticed that Jacques Villeneuve had been added to the game, but it does not appear that it is intended for the French market.

Everything is done once again to enhance the immersion during the races and to help the neophyte enjoy all the excitement of a GP weekend. For example, it is now possible to enjoy the formation round as if it were broadcast on TV without having to touch the controller. This option extends to the Safety Car phases as well as the pit stop.

Always with the aim of supporting new players as best we can, this year we note the arrival of an adaptive AI that adapts in real time to our performance. In general, if we are dropped, she will see her pace adjust so we can increase the pace and vice versa. This is of course an option that can be disabled to take advantage of opponents with classic behavior. The latter are also very aggressive at the moment.

But also (and above all) for aficionados

Purists can be reassured if the studio has worked to make the races more exciting for newcomers, there are also more additions aimed at strengthening player control. At the end of the formation round, which can always be completed in full, it is now possible to place your car online yourself. This allows, for example, to take an offensive or defensive stance in the beginning.

Manual pit stops are also introduced, where you have to be careful when entering the pit. In practice, it is only necessary to press a key when entering the garage; good reactivity will affect the time of your stop. It is quite fine, but it could have been deepened and extended, especially until the braking phase.

The most attentive will note the update of the circuits in Melbourne, Catalunya and Abu Dhabi, which have undergone some changes this year. The few courses available for our build were quite successful and relatively true to the right courses. The Miami Grand Prix, which has just ended, allowed us to see that the work had been meticulous. The new rules for the 2022 season are available, especially with the Sprint races, which characterize the Imola, Spielberg and Sao Paulo Grands Prix.

Finally, it was announced that a new racing engineer would show up to replace the famous Jeff. It was Marc Priestley, an engineer at McLaren, who put his voice and abilities to the benefit of the game. This new engineer, on the other hand, seems to be reserved for the Anglo-Saxon markets, as we have not noticed any change in French, either. it is in the dialogues or the voice.

Live life as a pilot

The big news of this opus is the introduction of the F1 Life mode. Leave the Breaking Point narrative adventure in F1 21, this new unique game mode should allow you to immerse yourself in a driver’s life and offer the opportunity to drive supercars or personalize your avatar with clothes and various accessories, such as watches. or luxury glasses.

F1 Life takes place in a central multiplayer hub that can also be customized to your liking. The supercars come with new events and other challenges associated with the career mode; we are talking, for example, about operations or duels. However, it will also be possible to drive them counterclockwise.

The customization also extends to My Team mode, which hosts a livery editor as well as new options. It is now also possible to choose the hierarchical location of his team (at the back of the net, midfield or headliner), which especially affects the budget. The career mode is also undergoing some changes, but unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to try it out.

Our impressions of My Team and the F1 Life mode must also wait for the final test. Our biggest fear, of course, is that the latter will serve as a pretext to sell cosmetics and other such things galore.

Overall, it looks like we’re on our way to another solid but rather clever opus. The big changes in the rules and the cars are not yet obvious controller in hand. Keep in mind that we had the opportunity to try out a title that is still under development and that the release of the final game is scheduled for July 1st.

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