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We often wonder what is the best location for a houseplant. The answer will be easy if you think about his needs. It is no secret that a plant requires natural light, good draining soil, water and proper fertilization. How to dose these four elements depends on the species. So is this the window sill plant that will get the right care and reward you with lush greenery and beautiful flowers?

Why choose a window sill plant?

window sill plant requires natural light good well-drained soil water compatible fertilization

You are thinking of outdoor plants in the garden or in pots for the balcony and terrace are not picky and do not need careful maintenance as they get most of their nourishment from nature. On the contrary, an indoor plant is very fragile and requires specific care, in addition to the role of contaminating and absorbing moisture, which it excellently assumes. In either case, you will be partially right! So can a window sill plant feel good there, and what approach should one take to avoid losing it?

What care do you need for a window sill plant?

Window sill plant absorbs carbon dioxide causing the air to breathe clean

The beneficial effect on the health of a plant in the room is indisputable. Not only does it absorb carbon dioxide to purify the air you breathe, but it provides a design element that should not be overlooked. Live, breathable plants add color, warmth, texture and dimension to any decor, and when displayed properly, they can actually become the focal point of a space.

plant for window sill select plants function need light

You need to pay attention to the direction your window is facing and the amount of light flowing through it so that you can select your plants as needed. Measure the space of the window sill and choose planters and pots that fit. Always water thoroughly and use a drain pan to prevent water damage on site. Inspect the plants regularly during the first few weeks for signs of stress, cold weather, or irregularities in the water.

Which window sill system should you choose to optimize your interior?

plant for window sill guided choice aesthetic plan practical side

Admit it! Your choice of window sill plant is always guided first by aesthetics and then by practicality. Do you take into account the needs of the plant? It did not occur to you! This is why our research has put together some amazing plants that will help you achieve your goals, but not at the expense of their own well-being.

Succulents such as window sill plants

low maintenance window sill plant best choice succulents

If you are looking for low maintenance plants, there is no better choice than succulents. Their greatest need is constant heat and moderate watering.

Use glass jars or terracotta pots in different shapes and sizes for maximum appeal. The goal is to ensure more space for the plants to spread and grow as they please.

plant window sill lay out base gravel small pebbles drainage

Spread a base of gravel or pebbles under the pot to give succulents the extra drainage they feel like. Since succulents prefer drier soil, a little watering is enough. Preferably choose the ones that bloom into sumptuous flowers for more color.

African violets are a great choice

plant window sill african violets available variations colors purple white red

Want to add a little color and fragrance to your mini window sill? Many varieties of flowers thrive in sunny surroundings, including geraniums, hyacinths and daffodils, but our absolute favorite is the African violet. Available in purple, white and red color variations, these wonders thrive in direct sunlight. Since they do not require a rest period, they can actually bloom all year round. A flowering plant with low maintenance, African violets do best in containers that allow for bottom watering. For best results, retain moisture and move to a larger pot as needed.

plant window sill orchid easily rebloom decorate interior

It is not uncommon to see an orchid decorate a window, plus it can be easily revived on the verge of death. An addition of bright colors can be achieved with the cultivation of cyclamen in pot.

Is it fair to grow herbs near the window?

plant window sill indoor gardening aromatic herbs category available

Of course yes! Perfect for growing in containers in smaller spaces, herbs are the easiest to find class of plants for gardening on the windowsill. When planting in a kitchen space, your small garden provides a constant source of fresh herbs for dishes. You can even group several herbs together in a single plant box, as long as they have the same water needs. See our guide to mating aromatic plants.

plant window sill fresh mint aromatic rosemary sunny place

Do you like fresh mint? Give it its own container: it grows abundantly and will displace any other plant nearby. And you can not beat the aromatic appeal you find with a fresh rosemary plant.

Whether you have extensive gardening experience or are a complete novice, it’s so easy to spruce up your home with live plants grown right on the windowsill. With our best tips, all you have to do is choose the perfect sunny spot. Get ready to pamper your indoor garden all year round.

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