One of the first versions of Duke Nukem Forever leaked online – News

Back to one of vaporware the most famous in the history of video games. In 2001, on the E3 stage, the 3D Realms team was more than expected at the turnaround. Following the worldwide success of Duke Nukem 3D, the studio finally decides to show a first trailer for its new FPS, Duke Nukem Forever. The game may very well be late (it was scheduled for 1997), has been restarted many times internally until exhausting its developers, the images of its trailer mystify everyone, both by its technical promises and its scripted situations with caustic humor, in direct line with its elders.

And then nothing. The game fell back into chaotic development limbo, culminating in the death of 3D Realms in 2009 and the abandonment of the project. The sequel is no better: 2K Games, one of Take Two Interactive’s subsidiaries, bought out its rights in 2010 and commissioned one of its studios, Gearbox Software, to make its own version of Duke Nukem foreverwhich would be released the following year and go down in history as one of the worst FPS ever.

This first version of 2001, it remained the subject of many fantasies because it was invisible. And this fantasy is now fulfilled, thanks to the initiative of a member of the 4chan network, who not only published on the forum a small excerpt of gameplay and pictures from the press sets of the time, but also one build fully playable (and guaranteed virus free).

Nothing very transcendent in the state, if not a heated version of the previous episode: a level dressed in a striptease box, a 3D rendering pumped on Half-Life and Deus Ex, fighting without a soul against SWAT-type officers. We understand a little better, by playing the demo, why the studio preferred to postpone the deadline: it simply went around in circles.

On the other hand leaked had the second advantage of arousing certain unexpected reactions. Starting with Scott Miller, founder of Apogee Software (which became 3D Realms in 1996), who shared a mood ticket on his personal blog. “Looks like someone leaked a version of Duke Nukem Forever from 2001. Those who expect a playable game will be disappointed.. “said the interested party in the preamble. But it does not stop there. In addition to acknowledging insufficient logistical management for the game’s ambitions (a non-existent roadmap, staff that should have been doubled, etc.), he especially accuses a dissident internal team for deliberately derailing the project .. to the point, in 2004, of refusing to leave the development to a more experienced studio (Digital Extremes, especially known as Warframe) and trapping 3D Realms to its ruin.

If no one is named directly, it’s easy to guess who might feel targeted: George Broussard, a former college friend and colleague of Miller, who oversaw the development of Duke Nukem forever in all these years before being left to Gearbox Software. Which was quick to react, even more violently, in one tweet assassin


To sum up: it hits hard: “Scott is an incompetent and narcissistic person whose actions caused the friction / lawsuit with Gearbox that caused us to lose 3D Realms and the rights to Duke. The bullshit he emits is insane. This is not surprising when you know his level of manipulation and narcissism. I at least had the class to keep my thoughts to myself.” If build remains available on 4chan for an indefinite period, it may generate new outbursts of flourishing courtesy of the same kind, or even that it arouses a new war between these old glories of the 90s, which seem to have many accounts to give back, which even time has not been able to mitigate.

Chance for the calendar: this case about leaked echoes another revelation last week. That of the first buildmuch more promising, Ravenholmthat spin off of Half Life 2 entrusted by Valve to the Arkane studio, but which had finally been canceled in 2007, which the Noclip channel was able to reveal during a long spill demonstration. We talk about it in our last show

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