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Consistent with what has been said and repeated in recent years, Nintendo does not intend to abandon the Switch at some point soon. In addition to the 23 million machines sold during the previous fiscal year and forecasts of 21 million additional switches for the current one, Furukawa explains that the catalog will continue to grow until the spring of 2023. “We have already announced part of the release schedule until next spring.“, the interested party recalls, adding that the machine’s uninterrupted success since 2017”allowed to allocate resources for the development of new games by focusing on a single platform“, which was not the case before.

Despite this success, which has finally drawn a line under the difficulties of the Wii U, Nintendo says it remains on guard over issues of technological transition. It’s even “of great concern“according to Furukawa, in reference”to past experiences, especially from the time with the Wii and DS“, and the obstacles represented by the emergence of a new one hardware on the market. According to Nintendo’s CEO, the idea here is to ensure a “smooth transition“in order not to lose Switch owners along the way. In addition to games, the manufacturer believes it can count on the implementation of services linked to Nintendo accounts to retain players and achieve their goals. Not to mention, of course, developments of intellectual properties outside the software sphere, such as the animated film Mario on the horizon 2023. “We hope to establish a privileged relationship with our users, which will lead to the next generation of hardware“, Sums up the manager without giving any details on this step on the machine that will one day follow Switch.

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At present, it is primarily a matter for Nintendo to consolidate its sales figures in a context of scarcity and international conflict. Asked to comment on the proportion of OLED models among console sales, Shuntarô Furukawa believes that “demand for the OLED model remained high“and”the sale of OLED models will contribute to the results throughout the year in significant proportion to the total sales on the hardware sideDuring the previous financial year, this share would, according to the console, represent 25% of the Switch sold, and for a good part in terms ofupgrade material: “About 30% of Switch Lites sold were related to the need for additional purchases, while about 40% of OLED models were related to demand for replacement“, according to the confidence of the President of Nintendo.

To reach our goal of 21 million units sold during the year, it is essential to maximize both of these different types of demand, and we believe that the share of OLED models will naturally increase.“, assures Furukawa, specifying that the shipment of new machinery will go more with air freight this year. The goal: to circumvent”the challenges of the current period“and ensure delivery in the light of the year-end festivities, anyway”it is very difficult to plan the transport of products not only to Europe but also to other parts of the globe“.

On the other hand, we do not want updated data for the number of subscribers on Nintendo Switch Online, which in particular opens up access to online games on the machine – at this point we must be satisfied with the number communicated in September last year, which tied the subscriber base to about 32 million. But according to Furukawa, this would increase periodically after the increase in sales hardwarewhile acknowledging that “some customers whose subscription period has expired do not renew their membership“Therefore, according to Nintendo’s CEO, the need to”.launch titles that allow users to continue to enjoy online gaming and increase the appeal of the service itself“, like Nintendo Switch Sports released in late April, and which would have been adopted in the West by the nostalgic twenty-somethings of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Not to forget soon Splatoon 3 and its powerful online component , scheduled for September 9..

Alternatively, existing subscribers can increase their subscription amount through additional options. Despite dripping catalog updates, “the number of subscribers to the “Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack” has increased steadily and gradually represents a larger proportion of our subscribers“, Furukawa assures, specifying that this percentage of generous donors is”particularly high in the United States“, compared to other regions. The integration of additional content into the offering, whether Nintendo 64 games or DLCs for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing New Horizons, would also have had a positive impact on the number of new subscribers.”We will review whether we should distribute additional content as part of the offer in the future, and assess the most appropriate way to deliver this content for each game individually.“, concludes Nintendo CEO sibylline.

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