MCU: 10 Baddest Avengers

Warning: This list includes spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

that Marvel Cinematic Universe is home to big vigilantes, but some of these really daring individuals are not as heroic as they seem. While the Avengers team may have noble intentions, some of their actions seem somewhat dubious, as their violent approach to fighting evil endangers the lives of innocent civilians.

These members of Marvel Studios’ crime-fighting team have engaged in some particularly gruesome acts that would impress many of their biggest villains. The scary behavior of these characters puts considerable doubt on their place on the Avengers list, as their controversial exploits blur the boundaries between “good” and “evil.”

scarlet witch

Wanda Maximoff has lived a deeply troubled life in the common cinematic universe as she loses her loved ones to some of the Avengers’ biggest enemies. These extremely traumatic experiences cause the Scarlet Witch to make several morally questionable decisions as she struggles to overcome the loss of her parents, Vision, and her brother Pietro.

Wanda’s most despicable crusade involves her slavery of Westview in Wanda Vision, who sees the deeply troubled witch capture the urban population in a sitcom reality fabricated against their will. The people of Westview are denied the opportunity to visit their families and are instead exposed to Wanda’s deep trauma, making it a deeply immoral move on the part of Scarlet Witch. She went on Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnesshurts and murders hundreds of people in his quest to find his children in an alternate universe.

rocket raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is primarily a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and joins the Avengers Avengers: Infinity War, provide valuable support to the team throughout the exciting film and its sequel Playoffs of the Avengers. The sarcastic raccoon delivered some of the MCU best quotes, but despite his recent heroic exploits, the Guadian mechanic has a far more sinister past.

Rocket’s many crimes include several arson attempts and several robberies, while the genetically engineered creature has also served as a mercenary for hire on behalf of various intergalactic criminals. His later adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy see this sneaky attempt to steal Sovereign’s Anulax batteries, putting his teammates in grave danger as Ayesha declares war on the Guardian team.

The Winter Soldier

The real name is Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier is one of the MCUs the most tragic characters in which Steve’s best friend has been reluctantly forced to commit many horrific acts. The World War II soldier is brainwashed by Hydra after falling from the roof of the Schnellzug train EB912, and his work for the Super-Villain Organization causes him to carry out various villainous activities.

As a ruthless Hydra soldier, Bucky claims several successful assassinations of the Nazi group’s greatest enemies. In addition, the Winter Soldier is later revealed to be the man responsible for the deaths of Tony Stark’s parents, Howard and Maria, who coldly send the technology genius’ beloved parent figures to one of the MCUs. most ruthless events.

The amazing Hulk

Considered by many to be the strongest Avenger, The Incredible Hulk is one of the team’s most infamous members, with the angry green giant playing a key role in many of their biggest fights. However, Bruce Banner’s monstrous alter-ego also proves to be a commitment, as his considerable strength and uncontrollable rage cause an enormous amount of destruction.

Among the Hulk’s more dubious actions are his violent rampage in the Kirby bar and his vicious attacks on the city of Johannesburg and its citizens under the influence of Wanda. Bruce’s alter ego also erupts into a vicious rage at the Culver University lab, and his malicious behavior leaves Betty Ross, along with many of the university’s graduate students, badly injured.


As the adopted daughter of Thanos, Nebula had a troubled past in which the ruthless assassin caused the deaths of many intergalactic individuals. The cold and numb space pirate joins the Avengers during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame after losing her sister Gamora, however, her dark story reveals that the character is one of the most evil teammates in the superhero ensemble.

Nebula’s early days working on Thanos’ behalf led to her heartless slaughter of half the Corbinite race as her father seeks to claim the immensely powerful Infinity Stones. Later, Nebula engages in the wild slaughter of the Klyn prison as she grimly eliminates the guards and prisoners at the facility, proving to be a particularly evil person.

strange doctor

At Doctor Strange mcu appearances have seen him deliver some of the universe’s most memorable quotes that many fans believe Multiverse of madness trailer with some of the franchise’s best lines. While the indomitable wizard has helped save the universe on many occasions, his arrogance has already led the former surgeon to make morally regrettable decisions.

In particular, his treatment of Peter Parker does not leave much to be desired, with Stephen Strange taking a decidedly aggressive stance against the young awakened believer that multiverse villains can be rehabilitated, and cruelly preferring to send these newcomers back to their deadly fates rather than trust on his web-slinging friend. Strange sends Spider-Man to the Mirror Dimension and maliciously attacks the well-meaning teenager with his spelling skills, not caring much about Peter’s well-being or the multiverse beings Peter thinks he can change.

Black widow

Black Widow acts as a top secret agent for SHIELD and is a really brave person., as she helps her Avengers teammates fight off some of the universe’s most fearsome enemies. Although her later years see her embrace a more heroic lifestyle, Natasha Romanoff’s background story offers a more dishonorable side of the dark vigilant when the powerful fighter once worked as an assassin.

After several years of training in the Red Room, Natasha graduates from the program “Black Widow” and continues to murder a large number of potential threats against the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, her departure for SHIELD sees her blow up Dreykov’s office in Budapest, despite the fact that she knew his little child Antonia was inside, and exhibits a sadistic and dismissive aspect of the Black Widow personality.

Iron Man

Often regarded by fans as the best Avenger, Iron Man has existed since the MCUs early beginnings. But while Tony Stark has proven himself to be one of the earth’s most powerful heroes on numerous occasions, he has also demonstrated some really evil traits, as his controversial actions have brought many of the world’s biggest threats to light.

Tony’s relentless disregard for humans results in the creation of two of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, as Adrian Toomes and Quentin Beck take on the roles of Vulture and Mysterio, respectively, to act on their grudge against their former boss. His most morally dubious act, however, is his decision to recruit Peter Parker in the airport fight against Captain America and his loyal friends, even though Peter is only a teenager showing a shocking lack of care and responsibility on the part of the playboy billionaire. .

The ant man

The real name Scott Lang, Ant-Man is one of the most infamous scammers in the superhero universe. His dishonest behavior arouses the interest of the original Ant-Man Hank Pym, who sees Scott as the perfect man to take on the famous vigilante moniker. Cassie’s lazy father has amassed a pretty criminal record, making him a particularly risky member of the Avengers list.

One of his most notorious robberies sees Scott break into Vistacorp’s headquarters, where he hacks into the company’s systems and steals thousands of dollars from their accounts. Future Ant-Man’s evil driving continues with his theft of Geoff Zorick’s car, which he continues to drive into the Millionaire’s Pool. Scott’s shameful attitude gave him three years in prison, leaving his young daughter Cassie without her father, marking this as one of the Avengers’ most gruesome feats.

Hawkeye / Ronin

As an agent for SHIELD, Clint Barton has committed noble feats. His remarkable skills in light of the lack of superpowers are particularly impressive as he joins the Avengers as Hawkeye to protect the universe from various dangerous creatures, but Clinton’s abilities have also been used for some of the events, most shocking in the franchise.

After losing his family due to Thano’s fall, Clint takes on the role of superhero as “Ronin”, who acts as a ruthless executioner for the world’s most fearsome criminals. Some of the most abominable acts of the grieving hero during this time include his slaughter of several Tracksuit Mafia members, as well as his brutal slaughter of the Yakuza organization in Tokyo, making Clint one of the Avengers’ most malicious of the MCU.

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