INFO RTL – Delphine Jubillar’s neighbors confirm that her car changed direction the night she disappeared

This is one of the main riddles in the investigation of Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance on December 16, 2020, in which her husband Cédric is charged with the murder of a spouse. Was the nurse’s car parked in front of the couple’s house the night the incident took place moved? According to our information, the responsible judge in the case questioned again, on April 21, the neighboring couple, who live directly opposite Cédric Jubillar’s house, on the other side of the small sloping street where parking spaces are marked on land.

The two forty already questioned at this point at the start of the investigation are categorical: Delphine Jubillars 207 was parked kaleche up the night before the disappearance, and kaleche down the next morning. This accredits the hypothesis that the car was used during the night, while Cédric claims to have slept and noticed his wife’s disappearance when he woke up. “I’m sure I’m formal,” the man replies when asked about the change of meaning.

This is not the first time that this potentially burdensome element has appeared in the investigation. Several neighbors have already claimed that Delphine is systematically parking its 207 “hood up” when police found her “down” the day after his disappearance. Element swept away on several occasions by Cédric Jubillar, who confirms that the nurse sometimes parked in one direction sometimes in the other depending on where she came from, “the hood up” when he returned from work in the morning or “the hood down “on the way home from school in the evening.

A new set of details

At his trial before the judge on December 3, he also speculated that the witnesses “were not paying attention” that evening. The plasterer’s lawyers add that the gendarmes’ report on the vehicle’s position was made in the middle of the day after the disappearance, which does not provide an opportunity to confirm that it was “the hood down” early in the morning.

But their re-hearing gives the Jubilee neighbors a number of details in support of their claims. The husband first specifies that he always parks in the “first place” at the top of the street, Delphine Jubillar in the second just below. Every night when he got home, every dinner when he got home for lunch. “It’s never happened that I see Delphine’s car parked facing downhill”. The husband claims to remember exactly the night of the disappearance because he came home late from work, at. But there was a curfew. “I was afraid of being ‘caught’, I hurried when I arrived, it was parked as usual”.

The next day, as he takes his daughter to school around 7:45, same exact memory, he notices that the 207 has “stuck” to him, saying to himself, “Hey, they parked differently!” He can not see the gendarmes who arrived at Cédric Jubillar’s home two hours earlier and are only told of the disappearance at noon, but he clearly remembers having the “brothel” in the car and the “car seat”, things he “was” used to see, when she was parked the other way.

An “important consultation”

It is also the baby car seat that the basic neighbor has to back up his statements on. The jubilee’s daughter was then six months old and their son six years old. According to her testimony, Delphine always parked “hood up”. “There was the child’s car seat, on the side of the road. There is the sidewalk, and after a rampage of thorns, by parking in this direction, it was easier for her to get her daughter out, rather than take the thorns.” Which totally contradicts Cédric Jubillar’s statements on the various ways to park his missing wife. The neighbor adds that the only times the 207 was parked downhill were “when Cédric was driving”.

For Mourad Battikh, the lawyer for Delphine Jubillar’s relatives, “this consultation is importantshe comes to close a door: “We are sure, today, that the vehicle was moved, it is of course a dependent element, because it evokes the idea that Cédric Jubillar used the vehicle at night and ‘parked himself the next day’ ‘.

Alexandre Martin, one of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, scans these elements again and confirms “that we know Delphine arrived from school that day and parked with his cap down” as opposed to her habits, which he does not dispute without giving anything else crucial element. . But above all, he emphasizes again that despite a whole series of analyzes and samples taken from the vehicle, “no trace could be found that a corpse had been transported”, that there was no mud on the wheels and that the engine was not warm. .

Arguments that do not convince Master Battikh, who emphasizes that Cédric Jubillar had “the intelligence of the hand” thanks to his manual craft, and that one “can very well imagine that he was able to transport the body in a tarpaulin or something like that” does not cause blood to enter the car. “

Another important part of the file, a confrontation is planned tomorrow between Cédric Jubillar and his former fellow prisoner who told police that Delphine’s husband had confessed to the crime, which he then denied.

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