Human intelligence: Protect your space

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In order for our economy not to depend solely on the space-time available to “users”, we must encourage young people to study mathematics, it becomes imperative.

GUEST BLOG. Quebec positions itself as a leader in artificial intelligence. According to a report published by Investissement Québec, more than $ 500 million (M $) in public funds and nearly $ 1.4 billion in private sector investment have been committed to developing the sector in recent years.

Mission accomplished: Element AI, Interactive Behavior and Shopify are all successful business models that could not have grown without the flair and support of savvy backers.

The economic health of a province or country is measured by indicators such as the purchasing power of its inhabitants, the potential for entrepreneurship, healthy redistribution of wealth and the flexibility of the institutions to meet the developments of recent years. Quebec undoubtedly offers its citizens and SMEs a privileged context in which they can flourish and acquire the necessary material security for a rich social climate that fosters “living together”.

In this regard, institutions and leaders are also open to hearing the claims that stem from diversity, but also those from the new generations who claim well-being in the workplace.

Cafe or Teams

To work well, accurately, giants like Microsoft, Google or Apple have developed a host of applications and applications that promote dialogue. No more emails, teams now talk to each other via Teams, internal chat or even texting. Everyone has their own preferences, and the choice of these tools is now part of the colors to be displayed at the beginning of a collaboration.

Working papers are stored on other platforms while more social business development takes place on LinkedIn and everyone continues to promote their successes on Instagram. With the proliferation of channels to exchange solutions for collaboration, we sometimes wonder if these tools are not time consuming. This is the subject of an article published here.


With the advent of everything digital, data collection has become a sport for both businesses and users. Everyday life for professionals and individuals can quickly become a maze: each of us manages an average of 80 passwords. We now also have to do without companions at the bank, in the supermarket and when boarding for air flights.

Judging by the recent announcements and the development of revolutionary new business models based on cryptocurrencies and fintech, tech developers have a bright future ahead of them. Businesses and governments have an incentive to follow suit in an industry where speed trumps inertia. Ten new projects funded as part of the Digital Transformation Offensive are supported by the Quebec government worth $ 29.2 million to support 2,600 companies.

Better to arm yourself with patience and restraint to defend the integrity of your digital space. I discussed all of this with an experienced financial technology professional at the finalists’ unveiling evening of the Association of Quebec Women in Finance last week. She had even better advice in light of this reality. All the platforms that occupy a good portion of our time are designed based on scientific algorithms. In order for diversity and good intentions to continue to emerge from these new models, and for our economy not to rely solely on the space available to “users”, “young people should be encouraged to study mathematics, it becomes imperative “.

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