How to choose the right strawberries and the good advice to keep them longer

That strawberry is a fruit that does not last longso if you enjoy it, be sure to enjoy it from the start of the season. Like this fruit is special delicate, it only lasts a few days. That is why it is so much the more important that choose the strawberries well from the startand then apply tips to store strawberries longer that follows.

How to choose strawberries?

The first thing to do is to choose the best strawberriesi.e. those who are none of them overripenone of them too hard. When it is freshly harvested, the strawberries are red and shinywhich makes them very attractive and makes you want to bite into them right away.

when to buy strawberries?

The strawberry season is short, so if you want to take advantage of it, buy it as soon as you see it on the shelves of your gardener; which means from late April with the arrival of spring until about mid-June.

Which strawberries to choose?

To choose your strawberries carefullychoose red fruits, shiny, firm and very fragrant. That strawberry does not have to be big to be rich in flavor and taste. On the other hand, Avoid damaged or spotted strawberries who risks staying overripe and of do not stay well over time.

when to eat strawberries?

Remember it strawberries are very fragile and that it is better to consume them as soon as they are purchased to enjoy their sweet taste and eat them as they are.

You can also make sweet recipes and strawberry desserts to use overripe or slightly damaged strawberries.

This recipe for extra strawberry tartlets is perfect to use, for example from overripe strawberries thus avoiding unnecessary food waste.


How to store strawberries longer

If your strawberry quickly loses their luster a few days after buying them, it is completely normal and therefore it is better consume them as soon as possible.

There is tips to store strawberries longerthe easiest to use at home and most Effective is simply rinse strawberries in vinegar ! To do this, simply mix one part vinegar with eight parts cold water in a large bowl and put the strawberries in it. Then let the strawberries rest a few minutes in vinegar mixture then drain them with a colander.

All you have to do is rinse the strawberries in cold water to remove the taste of vinegar and let them air dry in a colander. You can do that store strawberries in a plastic box Tupperware box type between two sheets of kitchen roll in the fridge so that strawberry stay dry and cool.

This trick which consists of rinse strawberries in vinegar allows store strawberries in the refrigerator for up to two weeks depending on the variety. You can also apply this trick to keep currants, blueberries or other berries longer with the exception of raspberries which, on the contrary, spoil more quickly when rinsed with water.

And if you’re afraid of that strawberrythat blueberry where is ribs do not take the taste off vinegarbe sure: by rinsing well and waiting a few hours, the smell off vinegar will evaporate naturally and you will not even feel it.

On the other hand this rinse water with vinegar will do wonders for extend the shelf life of strawberries naturally and allows you to enjoy it longer!

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