Four IoT trends are poised to become mainstream in companies

The last few years have been crucial for the introduction of new technologies. The pandemic caused 55% of companies to embrace cloud computing, 51% to accelerate their AI / ML program, and 42% to accelerate in IoT adoption. These movements were already underway, but the necessity has led to a sharp acceleration in the adoption of these technologies. These four trends will be particularly important this year.

From paper to digital

We are in 2022. We have quantum computers, artificial intelligence, capable of making oncological diagnoses as accurate or even more accurate than those established by doctors, we are launching constellations of satellites … and companies continue to waste time with paper forms to write on before entering the information into another software!

However, the technologies for digitizing paper processes are mature. Companies have massively adopted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and allow their employees to use enterprise applications from their smartphone. At the same time, app builders democratize, allowing you to create a business application without writing code, applications: An SME or ETI can have bespoke applications without a significant increase in their IT budget. The proliferation of apps allows data to flow more freely and to automate certain processes.

From geolocation to geofencing

The supply chain crisis points to its technological shortcomings. For example, most companies do not know where the products are in their supply chain, and this presents problems when it is necessary to prioritize certain products or redirect a container after an incident. Geofencing technologies provide an answer here.

By using them around a warehouse, a port or on the highways, we can automate certain actions, such as sending a warning when a truck is driving in or out of the area, and therefore keep track of what he is transporting.

These automatic alarms have the valuable advantage of being broadcast in real time. When the system is updated in real time, you know exactly what space is available in the warehouses and in the transport vehicles, which makes it possible to better plan the entire supply chain and to predict the date more accurately.

Smart remote diagnostics

Companies are increasingly relying on mobile devices to enhance employee and customer experiences. Many of them did so quickly and necessary as working conditions were turned upside down by the pandemic. Mobile devices are so practical that they have become indispensable. Hence a new need: to ensure their availability at all times.

In fact, the inaccessibility of a mobile device today greatly reduces the efficiency of teams. The issue of diagnosing problems either before they occur or soon afterwards has become critical. That is why 2022 will be the year of the emergence of diagnostic intelligence or the ability to quickly identify and solve problems … order not to waste time handing over the mobile device to the IT department for intervention.

Securing 3D printers

Until recently, 3D printers were seen as a curiosity. But they now have practical applications in aerospace with the Ariane 5 rocket, the creation of prototypes of shoes, bank cards, biological tissues, tools, and so on.

So many objects whose safety is potentially critical. 3D printer security is especially important because compromising a file before printing can have catastrophic consequences. In addition, a hacked printer can be used to print weapons or other prohibited items. Securing 3D printers will therefore become a growing topic as their use becomes more widespread.

The digital transformation of companies has accelerated under the impulse of necessity in recent years. This revolution is driven by a growing emphasis on mobile devices. Today, many of these technologies are mature and it is up to the companies to acquire them. By ensuring the availability of their mobile devices and their efficiency through appropriate applications, companies can achieve efficiency and become more agile in acquiring innovations and dealing with the unexpected.

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