Fluxon breaks into the meta-verse with the acquisition of Pluto, a 3D virtual event platform

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Fluxona global product development company, acquired Plutoa platform for virtual events where people can hang out and collaborate in the meta-verse, in 3D worlds such as. MaldivesBurning Man or Admont Abbey in Austria. This acquisition adds to the company’s growing portfolio of productivity and collaboration tools, including the Real-Time Q&A app, Dory.

As the first remote company, Fluxon, founded in 2017 by executives from Google and other leading companies, has focused on creating effective tools and processes to encourage participation across time zones. Fluxon designs products for startups and fast-growing companies around the world and offers end-to-end development across design, product management and engineering. Their customers include companies like Google, Stripe and Zapier.

In 2020, entrepreneur and investor, Elad Gil, contacted Fluxon to create an immersive virtual social experience. He saw that the shift to teleworking had broadened the decisions people are willing to make without personal interaction, from fundraising to meeting friends – but the available video conferencing tools lacked an important ingredient. : serendipity. The idea was simple: Instead of talking to people in static spaces through video calls, what if people could meet anywhere and have more realistic human interactions and casual encounters?

“During the pandemic, I got tired of all the virtual happy hours, birthday parties and company meetings. Fun random meetings are pretty much dead – you could no longer meet a friend or colleague or an interesting new person,” he said. Elad Gil, entrepreneur and investor. “With Pluto, everything is represented in 3D, which means people can explore their surroundings and randomly find each other. This allows for random collaborations and scheduled meetings in a less structured environment. “

In a matter of months, Fluxon transformed the idea into a fully functional product known as Pluto, with 3D worlds that allow users to teleport to concert halls, conference centers, a relaxing beach – and even Burning Man. Participants can move around, represented by a live video avatar, and through spatial sound, naturally in and out of conversations. Pluto balances realism with playful fantasy worlds that include customization features, fun mazes, and Easter egg hunts.

Katsuya Noguchi and Fatima Sabar helped found a company to bring Pluto to market in 2021. Pluto garnered immediate interest from consumers and businesses. For businesses, it’s the antidote to boring office hours and awkward virtual events. It offers teams an online space for meetings, conferences and collaborations that can be customized in a branded personal environment. Figma, Canva and the community group Xoogler were among the first companies to host virtual meetings in Pluto’s 3D worlds, which can be tailored to each brand’s needs.

“Fluxon has played a key role in creating scalable, high-quality video, audio and 3D technologies, and we are excited that they will continue to expand the Pluto meta-verse.” mentioned Katsuya NoguchiCEO and co-founder of Pluto.

Tens of thousands of users have already hung out, attended parties or gotten to know each other better in Pluto’s worlds, and there have been over 5,000 corporate and social events. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive: User reviews say it is “by far the best virtual event”, a “breathtaking” experience that makes people “feel connected again” and helps teams “be there without being there” .

Following the acquisition, Fluxon plans to expand the features and capabilities of Pluto and add more content such as games and new worlds for users to explore and collaborate. Fluxon also plans to make Pluto available to companies that want to host much larger branded events – from conferences to concerts. With a world-class team of developers now behind Pluto, the possibilities for creating new bespoke worlds are endless.

“We are excited about the potential of Metaverse and want to make it accessible to anyone without the need for expensive devices and headsets,” he said. Erad Fridman, CEO of Fluxon. Pluto lets friends and colleagues hang out and creates unique opportunities to host fully customized virtual events. Do you want to organize an offsite on the moon? Or a concert in the Arctic? Everything you can imagine will be possible with Pluto. “

For more information, please visit https://www.fluxon.com/.

About Fluxon

Fluxon is an agile product development company founded by a team of executives from Google and other technology companies. Launched in 2017, Fluxon has grown from a small team of builders to a world-class product development center that brings together deep expertise across all disciplines and industries. We offer a complete product development cycle to deliver ideas for the pitch, with engineering, product management and design teams. Fluxon started and grew based on its quality technology and open approach, and today has offices in the United States, India, Ukraine and Canada. Its mission is to connect the best talents with the right ideas to create the most innovative products in the world. Fluxon helps high-growth companies translate their ideas into real impact as quickly as possible, with customers including Google, Zapier, i-Merit and many more.

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