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Good clothes. Point. » Asphalt does not turn around, both in his way of communicating, by using an honest and direct tone, and in his way of designing clothes. This young fashion brand created by William Hauvette in November 2016 really breaks the codes in a world of men’s ready-to-wear. Its goal is to manufacture durable clothing at an affordable price. His way of achieving this: to rely on an appropriate business model.

Anti-fast fashion

Our mission is to make quality available and offer an alternative to fast fashion.explains William Hauvette. Our clothes and accessories must have a minimal environmental impact and last: They must be able to be worn for several years without being damaged. »A philosophy that sticks to the brand’s name, Asphalte, symbol of solidity. To ensure that it produces the most durable clothing possible, the brand works with hand-picked partners and does not hesitate to pay the price for quality materials. ” Our teams purchase at least three materials that are compatible with price, environment and durability. Then everyone passes resistance test in the specialized laboratory SMT Lab in the Paris region, which allows us to refine our choices. We look, for example, at whether the fabric is plush, whether it cracks, whether its dye is resistant to washing and sun, etc. », Explains the founder of Asphalte.

William Hauvette created the fashion brand Asphalte in November 2016.
– Asphalt

Production as needed

All of these production constraints necessarily have a cost that William Hauvette does not want to pass on to the selling price. So to stay as accessible as possible, he waived all unnecessary costs which fashion brands generally do away with. ” The healthiest way to produce and sell a garment is not to find yourself having to manage an unsold warehouse “, he analyzes. The solution: produce as needed. Asphalt only starts production of a new article once it has ensured that it has been well received by customers. It is even they who give” la “.” We start by sending a questionnaire to our community to validate the next products to be created with them.explains the entrepreneur. In general, we get thousands of responses that give us the guidelines, and the product team builds its specifications. »

The clothes are then offered for pre-order on the Asphalte page for a certain period. A bit like a campaign on a crowdfunding platform. In addition, several young brands are using this presale method to finance themselves, such as Pachamama or Perús. Except that Asphalte runs everything on his own side without having to pay commission to a platform.

– Asphalt

With this economic model, there is no need to raise funds to finance production: customers buy before we produce. Our need funds is therefore completely different from a classic brand “, Emphasizes William Hauvette, assured not to have to rely on the support of an investment fund to continue to grow. No stock or unsold. The disadvantage for the customer is the delivery times: between one and four months on average and a little longer during the confinement, which has resulted in several delays.


Questions that Asphalte addresses directly with its 50,000 customers. ” Admittedly, delivery times are longer than elsewhere, but in the end, it is in line with our speech and our customers fully understand it. », William Hauvette resumes. On its website, the brand talks openly about its approach, the origin of the materials and its manufacturing processes, and even returns to the points of improvement that some customers have highlighted. All in a relaxed tone. ” Our goal is to build a complete men’s wardrobe that is as durable as possible. In addition to completing our range by launching new products – around 25 in 2020 –so we are also working to improve those that have already been released. “For example, the ‘gross chimney’ for which customers had pointed out a low-quality denim and an uncomfortable cut.” We’ll be back with an even bigger shirt », Promises Asphalte in his new campaign and describes point by point the improvements that have been made. An approach that seems seductive. In less than four years, William Hauvette’s brand has now achieved one turnover of 6 million euros and employs 22 people.

Asphalte wants to create a complete men’s wardrobe that is as durable as possible.
– Asphalt

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