ALD Move facilitates the alternative to the company car – L’argus PRO

ALD Move facilitates the alternative to the company car – L’argus PRO

Recognized as one of the world’s leading providers of car rental and fleet management services, ALD Automotive continues to diversify its business to adapt to changing applications around mobility. Prior to the completion of the acquisition of competitor LeasePlan, scheduled for the end of 2022, the company majority-owned by Société Générale is launching a new service called ALD Move.

First deployed in France from this month of May 2022, before gradually expanding into other European markets, ALD Move was designed as one “multi-mobility management solution”, while large companies set increasingly restrictive targets as part of their CSR policy. ALD’s sales teams are more and more often dealing with conversation partners such as HRD, the CSR director and the purchasing manager in addition to the fleet manager.

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A mobility credit or a sustainable mobility package

gilles bellemere ald automotive
Gilles Bellemère, CEO of ALD Automotive.

This service makes it easier for companies to offer their employees an alternative to the company car via a “mobility credit”, which gives them access to various modes of transport to choose from, from the electric bike to the self-service scooter that passes by train. This without, however, depriving the employee of the opportunity to keep a company car, at least part-time.

Better, this service also allows ALD to expand its activities to the 26 million French employees, as it enables the implementation and simplified management of the Sustainable Mobility Package created by the LOM Act. Optional, but exempt from tax and social security contributions up to 600 euros per. years and per. employed, the latter entered into force on 10 May 2020 “to encourage the use of cleaner transport for commuting”. With the generalization of teleworking and the emergence of new employee aspirations, this Sustainable Mobility Package is an alternative to the traditional refund of the public transport subscription, up to 50%.

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“At the forefront of innovation”

“With ALD Move, we offer companies the opportunity to go from car policy to mobility policy, ie to go from car mobility management to multimobility management”, says Gilles Bellemère, CEO of ALD Automotive. It is about a “operational, digital, simple and complete solution with support from A to Z for the implementation”, he bids. Based on the technical platform developed by the Belgian start-up Skipr, in which ALD has invested 17%, ALD Move offers company fleet (or mobility) managers centralized administrative management, which brings together the invoicing of the various services and in particular offers a report on CO emissions2 to quantify the reduction of the carbon impact. For employees, the service comes in the form of a payment card, linked to a mobile application that allows payment by various authorized service providers, such as restaurant coupons.

“This solution is still ultra-minority”, adds Gilles Bellemère. Far from immediately replacing the demand for company cars or the car rental industry, it ensures that ALD Move demonstrates “Resistance of the ALD model”. We support the companies’ current needs, while at the same time being at the forefront of innovation in the form of new services ”, he said. So to conclude: “This guarantees the sustainability of our model for decades to come.”

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