World Economic Forum Awards Emerge, A Metaverse Company, Technology Pioneer Distinction

With their recognition of being a technology pioneer, co-founder and co-CEO of Emerge isaac castro will be invited to participate in the World Economic Forum’s activities, events and discussions throughout the year. Emerge will also contribute to Forum initiatives over the next two years and work with global leaders to help address key industry and societal issues.

“We are pleased to welcome Emerge to our 2022 cohort of Tech Pioneers,” said Saemoon Yoon, Community Manager, Tech Pioneers, World Economic Forum. “Emerge and its co-pioneers are at the forefront of industries that are crucial to solving some of the most complex problems in our world today. We look forward to their contribution to the World Economic Forum in its commitment to improving the state of the world.”

“We are honored to be recognized as a pioneer by the World Economic Forum,” said Emerge co-founder and co-CEO Sly Lee. “This is a great recognition of the tremendous effort our team has put into developing a unique technology and a unique product that we hope can have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. We are excited to explore how we can better connect, play and express emotions in the meta-verse.

For the first time, more than a third of selected cutting-edge technology companies are led by women, well over industry average. Companies also come from regions around the world, creating a truly global community. This year’s cohort includes start-ups from 30 countries, with Vietnam, Rwanda and Czech Republic represented for the first time.

The diversity of these companies also includes their innovations. This year’s Tech Pioneer companies shape the future by advancing technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics, blockchain, biotechnology and more.

The Emerge Home system is available to a limited extent. For more information about Emerge, please visit: and Emerge Discord:

About Emerge: Emerge is a social virtual connection company that builds a new paradigm for human connection and interaction by activating the tactile metavers. The first step in the rollout of the Emerge platform is a flagship product called Emerge Home ™, a virtual gathering place to physically feel, connect and play with loved ones through images, sound and practical touch. naked – powered by a new class of consumer device, Emerge Wave-1, which uses ultrasound to create tactile sensations that you can physically feel. Located at Los Angeles, CA.Emerge is backed by notable investors like thought leader Metaverse Matthew Ballformer CEO of Google by Eric Schmidt Steel Perlot, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Morhaimeco-founder of Twitch Kevin Linco-founder of Riot Games Marc Merrilland venture capitalists M13 and Vulcan Capital.

About the World Economic Forum: World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the international organization for public-private partnerships. The forum engages society’s top political, business and other leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

About the technology pioneers:
The World Economic Forum believes that innovation is crucial to society’s future welfare and economic growth. Launched in 2000 Technology pioneer The community is made up of early or early stage companies from around the world who are involved in the design, development and implementation of new technologies and innovations and who are ready to make a significant impact on companies and communities. Further information on this year’s technology pioneers can be found at:

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