What you need to know about ripping and burning DVDs on a laptop

Digital Versatile Disc abbreviated DVD is a digital optical disc that was invented and developed in 1995 and whose marketing began at the end of the year after its invention. Originally used to store video data, today DVD is used to store any type of data; videos, audio tapes, video games, photos, software, audiobooks, PC drivers and miscellaneous data. The DVD has a much higher storage capacity than its predecessor compact disc (CD), while having the same dimensions. This storage capacity varies depending on the specifications of the disk. A DVD is 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick; however, there is a mini version of 80 mm in diameter for the same thickness. A standard DVD (called single-sided, single-layer) also called DVD-5 is 4.7 GB The same single DVD but with a double side is 8.4 GB (DVD-9). The maximum DVD capacity is 17.8 GB, it is a double-sided, double-layer DVD, also called DVD-18.

There are different DVD formats The first DVDs to be marketed were single-reading DVD-ROMs. Once the data is saved, it is not possible to rewrite it. This standard is followed by the DVD-R, which is a recording DVD and whose information is written there by changing a so-called rewritable layer. DVD-RW and DVD + RW, where RW stands for (ReWritable), ie rewritable, are DVDs that can be formatted and reused.

DVD players these days are great for playing any type of DVD. Note, however, that not all drives allow writing. Usually, DVD burners are labeled RW. Desktops are usually equipped with a DVD drive that acts as a DVD burner. Laptops that are getting thinner and thinner do not have a DVD drive. In this case, you need an external DVD drive and DVD ripping software or called DVD Ripper to rip DVD on a laptop.

Part 1. External DVD Player / Writer for Laptop – Pioneer BDR-XD07S

An external DVD reader / writer is a device that connects to the USB port on a PC and is used to read and burn data to DVD. This tool is needed to play and burn DVDs on laptops that do not have a DVD drive. The largest manufacturers of DVD players / recorders are Sony, Philip, Panasonic, LG, Pioneer, JVC, Samsung and Sharp.

The DVD burner has a movable laser assembly, just like a regular DVD player. But besides the standard “reading laser”, it has a “writing laser”, the latter is more powerful than the reading laser, so it interacts differently with the disk; it changes the surface of the DVD instead of just throwing light from it. Reading lasers are not intense enough to make the color material darker, so a simple DVD reader is not capable of writing to DVD. A DVD drive is enough to rip data from a DVD. Pioneer’s BDR-XD07S Portable DVD Player / Writer is one of the best DVD burning and ripping tools on PC. It connects to the PC’s USD port and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition, it can be used by most multimedia software. Among its main strengths are:

  • Read and burn BDXL, Blu-ray, DVD and CD
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Writing speed up to 6 times the writing speed of BD-R and BD-R DL media
  • Long-term data protection with M-Disc
  • Small in size and very thin

As a disadvantage, this DVD player / burner requires third-party software to run on Windows.

Part 2. PC DVD Ripper Software — AnyMP4 DVD Ripper

Ripping DVD to PC is to copy DVD content so that it is usable. This action is often used to make a DVD backup (DVD image). Ripping a DVD records reading, not writing. We saw above that in addition to a DVD player, ripping software was needed. A DVD Ripper is typically software that allows you to extract (copy) the contents of a DVD.

AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is currently one of the best DVD ripping tools on the market. It has the ability to convert your DVD to many common video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, MPEG, DivX, TS, M4V, XviD, FLV, SWF, 3GP. In addition, it is possible to rip DVD to specific versions of iPhone and Android phones. AnyMP4 DVD Ripper uses hardware acceleration to rip data, which helps achieve the maximum speed of your DVD player. Files are copied while retaining their original quality.

The main features of DVD ripping software are listed below:

  • Convert DVD to popular video formats
  • DVD conversion to accurate iPhone and Android versions
  • Maximum copy speed with hardware usage
  • Extracting ISO files
  • Ability to edit video (crop video, add watermark, adjust output video effects such as brightness, contrast, saturation and hue)


In this article on DVD ripping and burning, we introduced DVDs, ways to copy and burn DVDs. To summarize, copying and reading from a laptop requires an external DVD reader / writer, several brands are available, and we have chosen the Pioneer BDR-XD07S, which has favorable properties for most situations. To rip a DVD on a PC, in addition to a DVD player, you need to install DVD ripping software called DVD Ripper. When it comes to DVD Ripper, AnyMP4 DVD Ripper is the perfect tool to convert DVD to any video format. There is no need to worry about the quality as the videos are copied with their source quality.

NB: Copying protected DVDs and DVDs intended for commercial purposes is illegal.

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