What is Nvidia Advanced Optimus?

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(Pocket-lint) – Gaming laptops have never been better located. With attractive designs and new gaming technologies, it’s easier than ever to get a super-powered laptop while maintaining a low profile and sleek construction.

But even with an expensive new laptop, some problems can arise, and one of the biggest for gamers is the feeling that their gaming laptop does not have the same battery life as a less powerful machine. Partly for this reason, Nvidia has come up with Advanced Optimus, a great system that helps your laptop last longer.

What is Nvidia Advanced Optimus?

Advanced Optimus is a technology that Nvidia has developed specifically for gaming laptops that use its RTX GPUs, graphics cards that are capable of ray tracing and shoot high resolutions even in a thin laptop.

This technology enables these laptops to switch the GPU that powers the laptop’s built-in monitor between their discrete GPUs and their lower-quality integrated graphics, to save the amount of power the machine needs to improve in-game performance and delivers the G-SYNC certified smooth and tear-free gaming experience. No restart required.

It’s a simple concept, but one that makes a huge difference. After all, it’s great to have a gaming GPU that can handle beam-based reflections when you play a new game and want it to look as good as possible, but if you’re just checking Twitter, just use it lower quality integrated GPU (iGPU).

This means that the laptop for low-power tasks can opt for its low-power iGPU and automatically switch to the discrete GPU when you really need it – Nvidia RTX GPU power, performance and features when you need it , energy saving when you do not need it. This means that Advanced Optimus can dramatically increase battery life when performing tasks that do not require the power of a discrete GPU.

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The technology also helps reduce system latency, ensuring that your machine runs with the absolute minimum of delay and input layers, making it more responsive than ever before and giving it a potentially noticeable improvement when you run it.

This is due to the removal of a step between the GPU and your monitor, which frees things up so that your reaction times in a split second are supported by the PC you are playing on, to ensure that you have all the benefits of your favorite games.

How to use Advanced Optimus?

The best part of Advanced Optimus, in our opinion, is its ease of use – you can just turn it on and let your laptop do the rest of the work. We’ve been playing the Overwatch 2 beta for the last two weeks, and it’s been instructive.

You do not notice the switch between integrated graphics and GPU graphics, so much so that the system is transparent, but that means we can end the game by pressing the Alt button while queuing for a match without worrying about wasting huge amounts of energy in the background.

Which laptops support Advanced Optimus?

There are a whole lot of great gaming laptops that support Advanced Optimus, including Lenovo Legion 5, MSI GP66 Leopard, MSI GE66 Raider and Acer Triton 500 SE. This is definitely something to keep in mind when buying your next gaming laptop – if it has an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU, Advanced Optimus support is a big bonus.

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