Unitas Global acquires INAP Network Business assets

This acquisition allows to create a powerful platform for launching a new generation network with thousands of new customer companies

CHICAGO, May 10, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Unitas Global, a Digital Alpha portfolio company, announced today that it has acquired INAP Network Business assets, including INAP Japan, in addition to its portfolio of network service offerings that allow for cloud hybrid environments. The combination of these two companies will allow the creation of a new generation network for rapid growth aimed at simplifying the way in which customers will maintain network connectivity, to enable the transparent movement of data between cloud and on-site environments.

The combination of INAP network technologies, including its intelligent patented routing software, Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO), with the Unitas Nexus ™ automated design and pricing platform of Unitas Global, and its Unitas Reach global network ™, created a convincing offer to meet the needs of companies that modernize their digital infrastructure. In addition, this acquisition offers Unitas Global a significant expansion towards more than a million enterprise multinational clients as well as a global network serving 18 markets with Performance IP ™.

“We are pleased to have finalized INAP’s Network Business acquisition and to welcome their customers, suppliers and employees to the Unitas Global team,” said Patrick Shutt, PDG of Unitas Global . “The disruptive nature of the unit network deployment strategy, which allows for hybrid cloud environments, is becoming more and more obvious on the market. This acquisition represents the next step towards the realization of our objective, which is to become the market leader in redefining an agile hybrid cloud for the company, ”said Grant Kirkwood, Technical Director of Unitas Global.

An additional advantage of the transaction is the synapse of INAP which becomes a strategic client of Unitas Global. INAP continues to offer high-performance connectivity services in parallel with its colocation and cloud solutions, while expanding its portfolio of Units Reach network transformation solutions, particularly in the context of the recent Alliance announcement with PacketFabric.

“It’s really a lucrative transaction for all parties involved.” “Unitas Global will continue to provide high-quality services that benefit customers today, all while investing in new solutions to enable a more complex transformation of tomorrow’s networks,” said Mike Sicoli, ING PDG. “We are also impatient to work in partnership with Unitas Global to offer an extended portfolio of connectivity offers to our colocation and cloud clients. »

“The acquisition of INAP’s Network Business assets is a proven testament to Digital Alpha’s commitment to investing in new generation and development networks, as they provide a networking solution as well. more holistic service on the market that is currently fragmented, “said Rick Shrotri, associate director of Digital Alpha Advisors.

To find out more, meet at: https://www.unitasglobal.com/

About Unitas Global

Unitas Global is a global provider of next generation network network services offering automated and omnipresent peripheral access to any cloud, wherever it is. The combination of its Unitas Nexus ™ platform and its global network Unitas Reach ™ allows the company to offer the network transformers that are the most transformative, environments that are easier to store, acquire and fully manage. Real-time price and performance requirements for Nexus Units ™ one of the most advanced launch platforms for the FSG, large-scale cloud providers and data center operators in the whole world. The Unitas Reach access IP, the IP and the SDN allow to benefit from a network connectivity offering the required agility to evolve rapidly and take care of the growing demands of applications, in terms of network architectures, performance and costs. Unitas Global is a portfolio company of Digital Alpha Advisors. Learn more about unitasglobal.com, connect with Unitas on LinkedIn, Twitterand read his blog.

About INAP

INAP is a global provider of secure and focused infrastructure infrastructure solutions, enabling technology leaders to simplify their journey across the cloud and accelerate innovation. The fixed suite of INAP bare metal cloud, modern data center, and network and security solutions optimized help companies move in a flexible and reliable way their workloads to the good destination at the right moment, to maximize the results of their IT strategy. To find out more, meet at www.inap.com.

About Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC

Digital Alpha Advisors, LLC is an investment firm focused on digital infrastructure and services that requires a full-fledged digital economy, with a total assets under management of more than $ 1.5 billion. The company concludes a strategic collaboration agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. and is associated with other large companies in Silicon Valley. Digital Alpha is expected to be the first company to focus on capital investment in the important growth opportunities needed to sustain the digital economy, including new generation communication networks, IdO platforms for urban infrastructures and Cloud data management platforms. Digital Alpha was founded in 2017 by Rick Shrotri, former head of Cisco’s Global Infrastructure Funds (GIF), and closed its last fund – Digital Alpha Fund II, LP – at the beginning of 2021. For in find out more, meet at www.digitalalpha.net.

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