Sylfen raises € 10 million and welcomes four new shareholders

Nicholas Bardy
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Sylfen announces a fundraising of € 10 million, including € 7.4 million in equity supplemented by non-dilutive financing, and entry into its capital in the Idec group, Supernova Invest, Elaïs Orium and Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement (C2AD) in parallel with its historical shareholders CEA Investissement and InnoEnergy.

This fundraising should enable it to accelerate its recruitment, its commercial spread in France and neighboring countries, as well as the industrialization of its solution in the field of hydrogen-based energy storage.

The Isère company Sylfen, which was founded in 2015, wants to make buildings a player in the energy transition. To do this, it develops integrated solutions for energy storage and energy production by cogeneration for buildings, industries and eco-districts. The goal is to enable building owners to store locally produced renewable energies and reuse them whenever they want – thus solving the problem of irregularity of these local renewable energies.

The Sylfen solution includes a disruptive technology developed at CEA: the reversible electrolyzer. It acts as an electrolyzer to store electricity in the form of hydrogen and then as a fuel cell to produce electricity and heat from this hydrogen or biogas. Combined with batteries, as well as a multi-energy software control system, makes it possible to consume all the renewable energy produced on site, directly and later after storage, “the company clarifies. The latter thus contributes to improving the premises’ environmental and economic performance and promotes the Autonomous and green buildings with intelligent integration of renewable energy.

Contribute to the industrial revitalization of the territory

Sylfen also wants to have a strong influence on the territory and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. About 30% of the company’s suppliers are located in the region, and the group’s initial results – through supplies and the use of subcontractors for certain work packages – have already helped boost the local economy by more than € 500,000.

The Isère community makes it possible to “accelerate energy transition and therefore reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In the context of unprecedented global warming and in the light of current geopolitical risks to Europe’s energy security, Sylfen offers a concrete, effective and replicable solution to promote a sustainable energy mix based on the use of locally produced green energies “, assures the company.

“This fundraising, oversubscribed from our original goals, validates the relevance of Sylfen’s unique positioning to accelerate the energy transition with a solution with a strong environmental and economic impact,” said Nicolas Bardi, Sylfen’s president. We are pleased to welcome four new shareholders – the Idec Group, Supernova Invest, Elaïs Orium and Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement (C2AD) – who are committed to working with us and joining our historic shareholders, who in turn have renewed their confidence in society. This boost allows us to approach our acceleration and implementation phase with serenity and determination. »

“This share in Sylfen illustrates our desire to unite innovative companies linked to renewable energy and decarbonisation in a dynamic ecosystem. In the short and medium term, this will lead to major joint projects and will strengthen our ability to offer a global offering by integrating this strategic energy leverage, ”says Patrice Lafargue, chair of the Idec Group.

“Sylfen has taken an original position in the hydrogen sector by providing a solution for storing energy in buildings. The strong technological breakthrough due to CEA, the level of efficiency delivered, the large contribution to the energy transition and the proximity of the market with the first contracts already signed, have convinced Supernova Invest to support the company in its development “, adds Marine Glon, Investment Director at Supernova Invest.

“Our investment in Sylfen is the result of prior global reflection on the hydrogen sector and a direct approach to society. We are pleased to join the founding team of Sylfen and its other shareholders to develop this project, which combines innovative vision of a key segment of the energy transition, differentiation of technology, proven reality in the market, and a significant potential in France and abroad. internationally, “concludes Guy Van der Mensbrugghe, partner at Elaïs Orium.

In this transaction, Finergreen (Théo Barallon, Marine Lantigny, Alexandre Libaud, Quentin Rollet) acted as financial advisor, Naldeo Technologies & Industries (Germain Gouranton and Pauline Plisson) acted as technical advisor and Mags Avocats (Johann Charmette and Gabriel Joseph Deparis) acted as legal counsel. advice.

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