Pixel Watch, Pixel 6A, Android 13 … What can you expect from the Google I / O conference

The developer-oriented conference hosted by Google begins tomorrow, an opportunity to take stock of the most anticipated announcements.

Google’s annual developer conference starts tomorrow at 10.00 PT or kl. 19.00 in France. Although the purpose of this conference is to give developers the opportunity to discover and get the most out of the latest innovations from the Cupertino company, the opening speech is also intended for the general public.

An opportunity for the brand to present the next major software updates, but also new hardware. So here are the most anticipated announcements from the Google I / O Conference.

Android 13: more information

As a developer conference, let’s start with the brand’s mobile operating system. Already available in beta, Google was able to present a more advanced version that allows for a global vision of the upcoming system.

Android 13 should be a continuation of version 12, especially about the further integration of Material You themes. The publisher should also continue its work on respecting user data by reducing access to system elements in the various applications. Of course, there may be big news, but it will be necessary to wait for the message to be corrected.

Android 12 L: an optimized version for folding

Android 12 L is a derivative of Google’s current system, which is optimized to adapt to foldable smartphones, which are slowly starting to gain importance in terms of market share.

The release is scheduled for this year and is expected to be shipped to Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft devices. It is also rumored that Google is working on a foldable display device (or more), but given the lack of recent leaks, it is unlikely that a device will be announced at this conference.

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Google PixelWatch

This is the big announcement expected at the material level during this conference. For some time now, many leaks have been talking about Google’s future connected clock, which, like Pixel smartphones, could serve as a technological showcase.

Lots of design, sensor and price information has been leaked and apart from a few internal parts it does not leave much to the imagination as to the final look of the product. By taking advantage of the acquisition of Fitbit, Google will certainly try to position itself in a market that is largely dominated by the Apple Watch.

A new Pixel 6A

For some years now, Google has been offering slightly more affordable alternatives to the classic Pixels with the A-Series. While 4A and 5A have an identical photo part with slightly less powerful processors, 6A could take advantage of the internal chip from Google, the Tensor, to the detriment of the photo part.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel 6A would replace the primary 50 MP sensor with a 12 MP sensor. Pixel A usually launches in August, but a recent FCC file suggests an early arrival for the device.

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Pro headphone wireless headphones?

Today, Google has only one pair of headphones in the catalog, the Pixel Buds A-Series, an entry-level version of the Pixel Buds that has since been discontinued. Although the sources are less secure, according to Jon Prosser, Google can prepare a Pro line of its headphones.

No information has been filtered regarding the features, but the use of the word “Pro” suggests an increase in the market (logical given the cessation of Buds) and the arrival of active noise reduction, which would be the first at Google.

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More software updates

In addition to Android, other platforms can receive more or less important updates. Along with its Pixel Watch, Google could have announcements on Wear OS, its software born from the collaboration with Samsung.

For television, Android TV and Google TV should receive new features according to statements (in January) from one of the product managers with the potential arrival of a competitor to Apple Fitness, better support for video conferencing …

Other services like Google Map, Workspace, Docs should also receive their batches of updates and new functionalities, but the software offering is so important that it is difficult to predict which ones will be specifically implemented.

Is there a new Nest Hub coming?

Released last year, the Google Nest Hub still seems a bit too new to know about a sequel. Several rumors, however, report of a device whose screen would be removable to be used as a tablet.

An original and interesting format that works perfectly for home use of a connected monitor. The same rumors are mentioned in the “launch in 2022”, but remain too vague to really wait for a message from Google.

A few small surprises again this year?

During Google I / O 2021, the Cupertino company presented its Project Starline, a video call booth that, thanks to several sensors, gave the impression that the interlocutor was physically present behind the glass.

Although it was an R & D project presentation very upstream compared to a finished product, Google especially appreciates this kind of announcement. It is a sure bet that this year will be no exception. As for the theme, the mystery remains. Last year, in the midst of a pandemic, video conferencing was in the spotlight. This year, the producers seem to focus on health and augmented / virtual reality, but let’s enjoy the surprise instead, tomorrow from kl.

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