Nintendo Switch: The hybrid console still at the top, the new record numbers!

business news Nintendo Switch: The hybrid console still at the top, the new record numbers!

This is now the big question that fans of video game characters are asking themselves: Will the sale of the Nintendo Switch succeed in reaching the sales of the PS2 and Nintendo DS. Five years after its release, Nintendo’s hybrid console has reached a new level, and one wonders how far it will go.

As you may know, the company’s financial year ended March 31, 2022. With the exception of a few companies that cut their years differently, professionals are currently publishing their balance sheets for the period from April to March 2022.

Nintendo Switch continues to deliver!

A few months ago we learned that The Nintendo Switch had crossed the milestone with 100 million consoles soldwhich gave him the opportunity to hope to reach the crazy numbers on PS2 and Nintendo DS, namely more than 154 million unitsafter Nintendo declared that the console was in the middle of its life cycle, it was necessary to wait for the annual financial report as well as Nintendo’s projections to see more clearly.

Nintendo Switch: The hybrid console still at the top, the new record numbers!

This is now done since the company have just released their tracks for the financial year 2021-2022. The first point, and of course one of the most striking, is what allows us to learn through by Oscar Lemaire to The Nintendo Switch has now sold 107.65 million copies per year. March 31, 2022! That’s why the 5th best-selling console the story behind PS2, Nintendo DS, Gameboy / Color and PS4, but ahead of PS1! During the financial year this represents 23.06 million consoles sold.

Falling numbers, worrying for the manufacturer?

After four years of continuous growth and an exceptional year 2020-2021 (28.83 million copies sold), the console officially marks timeand the projections confirm that this is it, the Switch begins to see its sales fall, which makes perfect sense after 5 years and over 105 million units sold. Nintendo also expects a further decline for the coming fiscal year, which does not mean the consolenow with classic model, Lite model and OLED model, collapsesfar from there.

The manufacturer estimates that during the year 2022-2023, 21 million extra switches will find people, which is far from shameful. A decrease that can be explained both by the age of the machine and by decrease in the number of potential customers and of lack of semiconductors which now worries Nintendo. If Nintendo’s forecasts are correct, and we know that Japanese companies prefer to have reliable estimates rather than “sell dreams” to investors, the Switch would have been bought 128.65 million times.

A slightly lower economic balance, but large productions on the way

In parallel with this information, Nintendo has unveiled its revenue, which is declining slightly ! The builder / publisher / developers come out of one relatively quiet years in terms of releasesand has taken it pretty well while waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, Splatoon 3 or even the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Bayonetta 3. Nintendo is therefore announcing turnover of 12.29 billion euros, a decrease of 4% compared to the extraordinary year 2020-2021.

Nintendo Switch: The hybrid console still at the top, the new record numbers!

A decline that is also felt on a par with operating profit, which is 4.2 billion euros (-7%)and on a par with net profit, which is 3.46 billion euros (-1%). After all, and as Oscar Lemaire points out, the Switch generation is the most lucrative for Nintendo, surpassing the Wii + DS generation. Sales of consoles and accessories represent 46.8% of revenue, followed by Nintendo games with 39.32%. The rest comes from third-party related royalties (10.58%), mobile games and derivatives to 3.14% and card / board games with 0.16%. As for games, the physical makes resistance by still representing 57.48% of sales, dematerialized in second place by 23.89%. The remaining 18.6% is related to DLC sales, miscellaneous subscriptions, small games and microtransactions.

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