Mobile phones that you can disassemble and repair yourself

  • By Francesca Schweiger
  • Business Reporter, Berlin

Urs Lesse (left)

Image Credit, Urs-Lesse


Urs Lesse (left) helps people repair their phones

Urs Lesse specializes in political science, but he is also interested in more practical matters, and every four weeks he gives his time to help people repair their phones in his hometown of Aachen in western Germany.

But he can not help you with any phone brand – only a brand called Fairphone.

For eight years, Mr. Lesse has been an active member of an unpaid network of skills sharing among dedicated Fairphone users. He organizes community meetings and participates in repairs.

“I do not repair phones if I do not have to, but I have always been very motivated to encourage people to try to repair their Fairphones themselves,” he explains.

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