Metaverse Blockchain Platform YooShi was invited to Nextech Week Tokyo, the largest Blockchain summit in Japan

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NexTech Week Tokyo, one of the largest blockchain summits in Japan, will be held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from 11-13. May 2022. NexTech Week Tokyo is a comprehensive summit that brings together renowned professionals and experts from all walks of life to share and showcase advanced technologies that are changing the world and attracting media and public attention.

Moreover, with the popularity of the metaverse concept worldwide, it has also created a trend in Japan. The country has the world’s third largest gaming market and numerous 2D IP addresses. Invited metaverse projects, including the blockchain gaming metaverse platform YooShi, will of course be the focus of the conference.

YooShi was originally launched in May 2021 and captured the meme coin perfectly. With the cute green dinosaur IP image and the concept of “hold, win, help others”, YooShi has managed to win the favor of a large number of players.

When the meme coin was in a declining market, YooShi demonstrated the genetic development capability that a meme coin itself should have, took over the edge of the metaverse and became a platform for blockchain game metaverse with YooShi Games, YooShi Labs and P2E Guild Alliance as the core framework.

As the first GameFi launch ramp at BSC, YooShi launched DNAxCAT and StarMon blockchain games in late 2021 and achieved outstanding results. For example, DNAxCAT was once among the top three blockchain games at the start of its official launch.

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Today’s crypto industry faces challenges from both a micro and macro perspective. Blockchain games, however, still have a relatively large development potential under the blessing of the metaverse tide. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, more than $ 2.5 billion was invested in blockchain games and metaverse projects, according to publicly available data. At the current rate, investment should be 150% higher in 2022 than last year.

Although the cryptocurrency market has begun to decline, blockchain gaming activity continues to grow steadily. According to DappRadar, the number of wallets currently active in the blockchain gaming industry represents over 50% of the total cryptocurrency market.

In April, the number of active wallets in blockchain games exceeded 1.32 million an increase of more than eight percent from the daily average of 1.22 million. in March. We can almost come to the conclusion that blockchain gaming is still the most promising sector in the blockchain industry.

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In May 2022, YooShi celebrates its first anniversary. YooShi is at an extremely early stage of development compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE, which were launched in 2014 or earlier. But YooShi has achieved impressive results in its short growth with over 430,000 users and a diverse ecosystem.

It’s not just a growing ecology behind YooShi’s large and sticky community. YooShi will also continue to strengthen YOOSHI and YooShi Family NFT holders in terms of the underlying business model. YooShi Family NFT can be used for mining and as a pass to participate in new games in the YooShi meta-verse.

The economic activities taking place in the YooShi ecosystem will also continue to cause the YOOSHI fire. so far, more than 62.5% of the total amount of YOOSHI has been placed in the black hole address. These continuous burns will promote continuous emptying of YOOSHI, thereby expanding YOOSHI’s value-creating potential.

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NextTech Week Tokyo coincides with YooShi’s first anniversary, which will be an opportunity for YooShi to gain visibility and encourage more users to participate. From the meme piece to an aggregated metavers platform, YooShi’s development history shows that YooShi has constantly made inroads into its own boundaries and captured the pulse of time.

At present, YooShi continues to build partnerships with more powerful game producers and institutions -mMaybe the next new blockchain game the community has been waiting for is coming soon.

Furthermore, YooShi DAO’s approach will further energize the community. Overall, blockchain gaming remains the most attractive sector in the blockchain area, and it is also the key to the mass adoption of metaverse and Web 3.0. The YooShi blockchain gaming platform is on the verge of its explosion. On YooShi’s first anniversary, we expect YooShi to launch new green games or products and continue to lead the development of blockchain games and the meta-verse.

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