In Sarthe, this town is a master at recycling used mobile phones

Fifteen merchants from Fertois played the game of collecting used mobiles.
Fifteen merchants from La Ferté-Bernard played the game of collecting used mobiles in collaboration with Orange and the Association of French Mayors. © Carine ROBINAULT

The initiative comes fromSarthe Borgmesterforening and society orange. And in La Ferté-Bernard, it was strongly mediated by a well-known local association, Who cleans if not you?

It is clear that since October, Little Venice of the West, like thirty-four other Sarthe municipalities, has participated in a collection of used mobiles; she is the one who has collected the most, 200.

“An important and useful initiative” in the words of Mayor Didier Reveau, who was with his colleague and President of the Association of Mayors of Sarthe, Emmanuel Francoand Alexandre Cros, director of relations with local authorities in Sarthe at orange Tuesday, April 26, 2022 afternoon for an assessment.

Reassess instead of saving

A positive assessment therefore and “an action that makes a lot of sense” for the mayor, who believes, “that it is better to upgrade items intelligently rather than collect them in a drawer. Especially since it is very annoying to see the rare materials, they are made of, wasted ”.

An opinion shared by Emmanuel Franco: “We have had a partnership with Orange for many years to work together on common interests. And this national operation was rolled out to Sarthe’s town halls in October 2021.

You should know that 100 million phones are vegetating among the French. There is a real desire from Orange to develop the solidarity and recycling sector with integration companies.

Emmanuel Franco, President of the Association of Mayors of Sarthe

Since the entire profits from this operation are donated to Emmaus International.

We have a commitment to sustainable development, which consists of being 0 carbon by 2040, ten years before the Paris Agreements. We are a large, energy-intensive company. We compensate for this with strategic plans for our buildings, our car fleet, etc. And we also have recycling partnerships. In our stores, 40% of the phones sold are refurbished.

Alexandre Cros, Director of Local Government Relations at Sarthe near Orange

Numerous deposits at Biocoop

Suffice it to say that the units collected at La Ferté-Bernard, thanks to strong support from QNSCNT, can then be collected at the Ateliers du bocage, based in Maine et Loir, to be sorted.

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If they work, then they have returned to emerging countries, and the proceeds from the sale go to Emmaüs. Otherwise, rare metals are recycled in France, and the money from their sales goes to emerging markets.

Alexandre Cros, Director of Local Government Relations at Sarthe near Orange

I am pleased to see the fertois partners motivated to restart operations next year. “The association collected 20% of the phones! Its representatives for the day, Sylvia Guillemin and Elysa Cochet, are very motivated. They welcome the involvement of the Fertois merchants.

“There we had the collection points. And the places where the phones have been left the most are at the Biocoop, the media library and the tourist office. But Madame Mustache, Jolie pagaille or even The Den of the Lake were also in the top 10, ”they comment.

Emmanuel Franco too. “We will reproduce and we hope that other municipalities will participate”.

An operation that the company Orange will also soon carry out with a new partner, the Sarthe Chamber of Commerce and Industryfor companies.

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